Steve Irwin Aviation Tribute Idea

Started by Cobra, March 30, 2011, 01:35:56 AM

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Hey Guys,just Surfed Google & Came Up with an Idea!  i Remember watching an Episode of 'The Crocodile Hunter' when Steve & his Wife were Visiting a USAF base & Steve talked about,"Playing Armies & Air Forces"! What If there were a Model Tribute of Building & Painting some Helos,Transports, Flying Boats,Etc. to Steve Irwin? It's an Idea i've been Reluctant to Mention out of Concern it would be seen as being in 'Bad Taste' when steve Died. What Say You? Thanks for looking.Dan


Oh God No!!!!!!!  That would be excruciatingly - his ridiculous antics were stupid and embarrassing when he was alive.  We do not need to revisit them.

and why not post ideas such as this in the appropriate location: Group Build and Themed Build Repository ??
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wasn't sure about posting in the group build Thread, thought it would be a Vehicle tribute, Not a Group build. Nuff Said? Dan

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I loved Steve-o! He seemed a bit over the top at times but according to everyone who knew him that was just his style, and it's hard to think of anyone who was a better promoter of the animals that many think of as 'icky'. If I knew how to paint crocodile skin on something I would be in for this one. But maybe there are some other ideas...
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I thought he was a bit of a plonker myself ---
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On another forum, we had a silly book titles thread going at the time, which produced:

I Knew Steve Irwin in the Beginning by Allie Gator


I Knew Steve Irwin at the End by Aston Gray

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