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Yugoslavian Buffalo

Started by comrade harps, March 29, 2011, 03:54:40 AM

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Brewster B-339F Buffalo, Royal Yugoslavian Air Force, Belgrade, 8 May 1940

Under pressure from Italy and Germany and urgently requiring new fighters, in 1939 the Yugoslavian government ordered 60 Brewster Buffaloes to supplement local manufacture of the Hawker Hurricane and the indigenous Ikarus Ik-3. 48 were shipped to Ireland and delivered across Europe in a series of ferry flights from March to early May, 1940, the last of these arriving via France and Italy on the 8th of May. Later examples were delivered directly by ship, arriving in August. The example seen, fresh from its ferry flight, is still fitted with the life raft behind the pilot that was usually removed for service.

When Germany invaded Yugoslavia on 6 April 1941, the Buffalo was the most numerous Yugoslavian fighter, but was found somewhat lacking in performance and armament. Unfortunately,a round a third were destroyed on the ground on the first day. Netherless, Kapetan 1. Razreda Todor Gojic managed to shoot down 3 Ju-87s, a Bf 109 and a Hs 126, becoming the nation's only Buffalo ace before being injured during a Luftwaffe air raid 12 April. By then, only a handful of the stubby little fighters were still airworthy and most of these were destroyed before the 17 April surrender to prevent their capture.


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Love the camo! :wub:

Pretty neat back story, too. :thumbsup:
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Mind if I link this to someone off-site?


nice camo scheme......works well  :thumbsup:
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QuoteMind if I link this to someone off-site?

Of course. Go ahead.

Glad folk like it. Btw, it's the Airfix 1/72 kit.

I put this on display at my club table at last year's Model Expo in Melbourne (1940 theme) and apparently had some JMN confused and arguing with my club mates about its authenticity. Sorry I wasn't there to overhear that.


Do you have any models at all?


I like this very well. Great colourwork !
However, you have forgotten to mention which had Yugoslavia also 73 Bf 109 E-3.
At the Macchi MC 200 Yugoslavia should also have been interested.


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QuoteHowever, you have forgotten to mention which had Yugoslavia also 73 Bf 109 E-3.

Yes, I did forget that. But, in my universe, maybe they didn't; that could be another story for another model... a Royal Yugoslavian He 100 or He 112, maybe?


That's interesting  :rolleyes:
Without revolution in Belgrade, then Yugoslavia would become a partner of Germany and Italy.
Why not He 112/100 or MC 202!


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Great, really great camo pattern  :thumbsup:

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Wow....!! Great paint n finish on that kit.....from my understanding it don't go together to well.....