Hawker P1154 2 seat trainer

Started by Lazlo Woodbine, June 02, 2004, 03:55:37 PM

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Lazlo Woodbine


After seeing Thor's attempt at the Maintrack vacform I got mine back out and grafted an old C scale 2 seat Harrier conversion and a lot of filler onto it as there must have been a need for a 2 seat trainer version of the P1154.  its probably going to have an early 70s scheme.  
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Mike Bassett

Martin H

Oh very nice Gary. No doubt she will be a stunner once you have worked you magic on her.
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Hi Lazlo

Looking good, should be nice with our other 1154's as my RAF one in now in wraparround.

As to the trainer, would a picture of the mock up be handy as i found one on this web page. :D  :D  :D

Hawker 1154

See you Friday (or Saturday)

Thor B)  

Lazlo Woodbine

thanks for the comments and the pic, the 2 seater doesn't look too different but i couldn't put a fuselage plug in it now.  Any ideas for a colour scheme?
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Mike Bassett


Hi Gary

Well its only the mock-up so i guess the intahes are not fitted in the photo just their bulkhead (well it works for me !!!!).

As for Colour schemes you could go standard Harrier T-2/T-4 with the DSG/DG possibly wraparround like mine or perhaps a standard RAF trainer scheme Red/White & Grey or the later Black scheme, you could do RN style in Black using 899 markings. You could go operational with a laser designator pod on the centre line and LGB on the outer wing pylons acting as a target designator for other aircraft (as per Gulf War Bucccs).

Right need to look at doing that Airbrake if possible and finding a suitable front U/C leg as i have gone for Harrier bits rather than the kits badly formed metal jobs.

Speaking of Harriers if the 1154 s the operational variant howabout a Harrier T-2 as a VTOl basic trainer ?, in early Hawk markings ?

Thor B)  

John Howling Mouse

My kitbashing hat's off to you: VERY gutsy, man!

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