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Started by Nigel Bunker, June 02, 2004, 05:46:51 AM

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Nigel Bunker

Went to TAHS this lunchtime and the Airfix rep was in there. I said the magic word and he groaned. Apparently Trevor is keen to do the TSR2 but the bean counters are worried it won't sell. Time to bombard the Airfix website, I think.
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You know  that if an Arrow sell so well in two scales, and it's a giant piece of crap at that, plus it comes from a country that had a relatively tiny population comparied the GB plus the company got sales to the point that they "re-tooled" the 48th scale version...

ummm need I rant on? B)

Put me up for at least a few.  
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I might be able to make space in my budget for a brace of TSRs...


Compared to the price of the Dynavector offering Airfix would have to be the better option.

I'll buy at least a couple even with our shitty exchange rate

Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Wooksta, where's that petition of yours, eh?

We never saw it.

Time to take it out.



Well you UK guys get to it, I know lots of people over here who'll sign it.


John Howling Mouse

Frankly, I'm amazed that Trumpeter hasn't done it already.  They even did the Ultra-Sabre----talk about your relatively obscure subject matter.

Oh, and three TSR-2's for me, please (I'm chicken to build my Dynavector one just yet!).
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TSR2 ?  Did someone say TSR2?  Come on Airfix, I'm ready right now! Even got my Gulf War 1 scheme worked out already.

God I hate accountants!! :angry:  I want my TSR2 and I want it now! Phew, feel much better now.
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I want TSR's for the following:

1. Both prototypes
2. Instrumented prototype with camera's and dayglo
3. Initial in service version RAF
4. Royal Navy version
5. Canadian version
6. German version
7. Gulf War senior
8. Kosovo grey camo version
9. Boscombe Down ripple scheme
10. Temporary artic camo version

And thats just for starters! :P

Nigel's right, lets bombard the Airfix website until we get what we want.


There's a Trumpeter F-107 in the local shop for £9.99.............might have to get it.

Wooksta, there's enough squadrons for everyone ;)  


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I'm down for a couple as well, one for Eldorado Canyon and another for, well, by the time Airfix gets in gear I should have an idea.  ;)  ^_^

Ves B)  
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How about a Ukranian version?  B)  


QuoteYou'll have to come up with some new ideas, as I think we've done pretty much all of them

What's that Wooksta?  You copyright the possible TSR.2 schemes now?

F-32, do what you want, and yours might turn out better than his, we never know!!

So if you do a RCAF one, me, Toad and all the other Canucks will do what, leave it in primer?

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :rolleyes:  :D  B)  


I can't see Trumpeter doing one - the F107 was because they knew it would sell in the States - although rumours persist that they'll be doing a Valiant.
:o  :o  :o  :o  :o

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Well hell if Trumpeter does indeed release a Valiant and Airfix still sits around popping out those silly-donkey football figures then it's all going to hell 'cos Trumpeter will probably churn out a TSR.2 next.

Martin and I were talking and we figured that given the relationship between Airfix and Trumpeter, why not tool the TSR.2 in China?  It'll be cheaper that way.  AccMin and AMTech have done it in Korea, and they're much smaller companies than Airfix.

Then that'll mean the communists'll have a foothold in the UK and will take over Labour next!!!  OK EVERYBODY START EMIGRATING!!!!!
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