Chocolate Soldiers

Started by tigercat, March 11, 2011, 12:13:27 PM

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I was just reading about the problems confectionery companies face with the problem in the Ivory Coast

Basically their is 2 presidents the one who was elected and the previous one who is refusing to step down

So  in a fit of whimsy I wondered what chocolate company sponsored mercenaries would look like what camouflage would they have  etc.


Multi colour polka dot on brown - Nestle Smarties!!

So, would that make them Swiss Mercenaries?


If they are US backed, could look like these.

Phil Peterson

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Hahah, the Mars Militia, Cadbury Commandos, KAK (Kraft Afrika Korps), Nestle Ninjas, etc. ;D
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Might find it difficult fighting in that tropical sun...  :lol:
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Cliffy B

yeah but Arctic warfare would suit them perfectly!  Especially for the White Chocolate Commandos  ;D
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