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Started by matrixone, May 31, 2004, 05:54:34 PM

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This weekend two new models were completed, one is a 1/72 scale Opel Blitz truck, the other is a 1/48 scale Tamiya Kubelwagon. Both of these models are made for my photobase project. Both of these kits were very easy to work with, but the Tamiya Kubelwagon is possibly the best fitting kit I ever built. If anybody needs a break from making airplanes this kit is a nice change of pace.


Two more pics from today,

Let me know how you like the B/W pic,




looking great as ever  :wub:

2 constructive criticisms

1)  The Opel Blitz & the Kubelwagon look too clean.  You've done a nice job weathering the tyres, but the rest is spotless.  They could really do with griming up.  But great job on their camo - especially in the small scale

2)  The b&w photo looks great - looks like it was taken as darkness was falling, has a real foreboding feel to it.  However the figures look a little too "posed", which I think I've said before is a problem in these small scales.  Perhaps if you hid/obscured them a little bit eg put them on the other side of the planes they are working on so you can see the legs of one, the head of another etc, then that might reduce their posed look a little bit.

But I'm just being nitpicky now :)
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Thank you nev and Wooksta!

You are right about those figures, they don't look as good as I wanted them to but will have to do for now. On my work table are two sets of figures that need to be built and painted, it is hoped these will take care of the some of the problem with lack of realistic figure poses.

As for the Bf 109s, it was intended that they were being prepared for shipment to one of the aircraft recycling centers in the Reich. The Germans were very good at getting the most out of crashed or battle damaged aircraft.

The reason the Kubelwagon and Opel Blitz are not very dirty is because the pictures in my new book ''Luftwaffe Airfield Equipment'' show that most of these vehicles were clean when used by the Luftwaffe compared with the German army.
Check out the color photo of the Kubelwagon in front of He 177 on the back of the above mentioned book, it is very clean...even the tires!

The only reason the Ta 183 and He 1078A are in the same picture is I have very few models to photograph at this time, these are test pictures not really meant to be anything else. Future pictures will be closer to dioramas, but not what I have posted so far.

Thank you for taking time to critique my pictures, this is important to me so I can learn to make better looking pictures.



My only comment is about the way the drivers have left the truck - all the windows are down!

And I bet they left the keys in the ignition..........................wouldn't last 5 minutes in Liverpool :D  



That truck model is so tiny I gave up trying to install the glass, it was built mainly to be placed in the background of some of my pictures.

Maybe the glass on that truck was blown out from an air raid? :rolleyes: