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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Started by Ian the Kiwi Herder, March 07, 2011, 12:56:17 PM

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Ian the Kiwi Herder

Whilst clearing out my 'old' model room, I came upon an unmarked cardboard box, in which were these perfectly preserved examples of my earliest What If projects.... so in the name of nostalgia.... Ladeez an' Gen'lemen, all the way from 2004,


A South African Hawker Hunter (FROG kit) - Decals from the Xtradecal TSR2 sheet, camo scheme is the standard 'Hunter Pattern' but with a few more 'bumps and bulges, colours (I think) are all Humbrol (Mid Stone, Dark Green, Azure Blue).

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Confuscious (maybe)

Ian the Kiwi Herder

And not forgetting....

The Spanish 'Gina'. Terrific little kit from Matchbox. Paint is Xtracolour this time, all WWII German (RLM) colours 02/79/65. Anybody flown over central Spain will probably testify that any aircraft flying relatively low over that area and wearing these colours would be next to invisible !

"When the Carpet Monster tells you it's full....
....it's time to tidy the workbench"

Confuscious (maybe)


Very nice - clean, simple scheme, very plausible.

Ian the Kiwi Herder

Finally, we give you....

A Norwegian Hawker Hunter. Again the FROG kit was beaten into submission and assaulted with Humbrol enamels. All British colours (Light A/c Grey, Barley Grey and Dk Sea Grey) and though it may not seem like it at first glance, that actually is the standard 'Hunter Pattern'; Obviously looks very different if three tones are used.

Thanks as ever for taking the time to look. I'm so pleased with finding these three in such good (perfect) condition that they have already been guaranteed a place in the new display cabinet. As ever any comments, criticism, queries or downright abuse will be warmly welcomed  :mellow:

"When the Carpet Monster tells you it's full....
....it's time to tidy the workbench"

Confuscious (maybe)


A gathering of Hunters!  Love them all, the Norwegian Hunter's camo is fantastic, Gina is lovely & that SAAF Hunter gives me a good idea of what my P.1083 would look like in that scheme, hmmm.....
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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


Got to say the Norwegian Hunter just looks so cool in that camo.  Think Iceland would use similar colors. :thumbsup:
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Very slick :wub: :thumbsup: I wish I had all my early models :blink: :banghead:
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Beauty work there, buddy !

My fave is the Norwegian Hunter....now that one just looks right.

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Ian the Kiwi Herder

You're all very kind, good job you can't see them 'up-close-and-personal'  ;) - The colours from the Norwegian Hunter may well reappear on something else this year....  :wacko:

"When the Carpet Monster tells you it's full....
....it's time to tidy the workbench"

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Nice to see them again Ian  :thumbsup:

I found some of my oldies the other day - quite a nice little trip down Nostalgia Lane  ;D
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