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Started by matrixone, March 07, 2011, 11:40:30 AM

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This is the finished model of ''blue 12'' W.Nr.500570, this model was built from the 1/32 scale Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 kit.
The Dora ''blue 12'' of JG 6 was flown to Furth Germany in the last hours of the war to escape surrendering to the Russains. This aircraft was scrapped a few days later.

On to the pics...



Yet another amazing finished model from you Matrixone.

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


Thank you Gondor!

I am happy to be finished with this model, I could have easily spent much more time on the weathering of it but decided enough is enough and quite when I was ahead.
The way I add weathering to my models is to do it in stages, I will add some weathering to them and step away for a while and return later and look at the model with fresh eyes before deciding if it needs more weathering. I never try and add all the weathering in one sitting because its really easy to go too far and ruin the model.


Army of One

Well finished model sir,awesome photography as well  :thumbsup:



Thanks Army of One!

Now its time to build a few what-ifs starting with my Ta 283.



I really like the green nose  :thumbsup: overall the whole thing looks like the real deal. had to do a few double takes  :wub:
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Super Awesome Work,Matrixone :thumbsup: :thumbsup: makes me a little Jealous that you can do such Top Notch Work! Dan :cheers:


Stunning modelling and photography again  :bow:

One day soon these are going to turn up in a reference book as newly discovered photos  ;D

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Thanks apohpenia, Taiidantomcat, GTX, Codra, and NARSES2!

The lighter shade of green on the nose was applied in the field possibly to cover repairs from battle damage, the rear of the spinner had some green overspray on it from the repainted cowl and I did the same on my model and it can be seen in a couple of the pics.
Blue 12 had a very active but short combat career, there are a few places on the airframe that show signs of repairs from battle damage and had the paint touched up. I tried to copy all of those areas that were repainted on the full size machine onto the model and it makes for a more interesting looking model.

One of the models that I have underway right now is a 1/48 scale Bf 109 that is being built as an older frontline aircraft that was transfered to one of the fighter schools and suffered a mishap from a student pilot and was groundlooped which caused one of the landing gear legs to collapse, this model will feature a very worn out looking paint job complete with fresh paint on areas that were added to the repairs to the airframe. ;)



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You are a modeling God.  The photography alone is astounding! :blink:
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Thank you Tuck for the more than kind words!