my Yak-38!!

Started by raymond, May 30, 2004, 01:37:16 AM

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greeting comrades

jsut thought id throw up some pics of my yak-38 in progress, construction is about 70% complete


BTW did the powers at be get my mig-23k article?



It is good to see some activity on this front. I feared that all OKBs had been closed and their chief designers sent to count trees!

Nice model, tovarich...


Captain Canada

Comrade Raymond,

Looks great !  I always thought that bird was really clunky looking, but that one.... :wub:

My design bereau are cureently finalizing plans for a large chopper.......stay tuned !


CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
Where's my beer ?



your comments regarding the lack of activity of the other OKB's have hit a tender part of my heart.

I give you my word that the gulags will be emptied and new, re-educated craftsmen will flood into the factories presently.

production will be up, and the 5 year plan will again be gloriously implemented.

your yakovlev is an inspiration to us all, and i know that i speak for all gathered OKB's when i tell you that we await the finished product with baited breath.


comrade retrovitch_seventski
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Comrade Raymond, may I add to the congratulations from my socialist brothers in the struggle against the western imperialism
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Well done Comrade Raymond, as those Western fools would say......"sweet dudeski"


Comrades, the project is still at hand.  Comrade Raymond, your Mig-23 is slated for delivery next week.
"We can resolve this over tea and fisticuffs!!!"


Well done Tovaritch!

there was a major shake-up in the upper echelons on the Vepr OKB, so until the dust settles al production has come to a standstill.

Vespernoliavich B)
Take Care, Stay Cool & Remember to "Check-6"
- Bud S.

Joe C-P


My apologies for not supporting this group build's work with the miniature representatives, but the local supply depots are not purchasing the required models. It almost makes me want to go capitalist! :dum:

I look forward to the latest additions to the air group!  :cheers: (Good Russian Beer!)

Comrade Iosef R  
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.



I have realized what has been happening....we have been distracted to inactivity by the vile imperialists!!!  We must counter this subversive act with VODKA!!!!

By the way Comrade Iosef, if you are lacking the supplies, feel free to shoot the local supply depot master, but not before filling in form FE-CK115, unless the depot is out of the abovementioned form, which in case you should requisition more by filling in form A-RSE-99, which should take 6 months.  However due to the critical paper shortage as a result of the various OKBs working overtime to produce more aircraft for our glorious motherland, any diversion of essential materials (in which case, paper for blueprints) is considered treason and you should thus report to the nearest gulag for re-education (but not before filling in form B0-LL-0CK(5), unless the depot is out of that, in which case you'll need to fill in form G1-T as well).
"We can resolve this over tea and fisticuffs!!!"