Behold (and Beware) my inner Trekkie has been unleashed!

Started by deathjester, February 23, 2011, 02:04:25 PM

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Gentlemen, may I introduce another of my crazed concoctions - the Section 31 V - class Special Operations cruiser,
USS Vengeance.

These ships are designed to support covert ops throughout the known galaxy, without alerting threat, or friendly forces to Section 31's involvement.  To this end, they are equipped with Phasic Coaking Devices, Adaptive Camouflage hull coating, and various jamming and supression systems.

The weapon systems are similarly advanced, comprising both Pulse and Beam Phaser emplacements, multiple mine laying racks, a rapid fire torpedo launcher, several fighters and armed shuttles, and finally, two 'Colony Buster' long range cloaked missiles.


dayyyyyuum!!  Sounds like my "Dark Star" I have in the queue.  However mine is earlier technology, based on Constitution (refit) parts.  Similar mission profile tho....


So, there ARE other folks doing Star Trek!  Well, in that case, don't be shy - let your inner Trekkie loose, and lets have a Star Trek GB!!!


Looks the part - nice one!  :thumbsup:

Bet those Colony Busters penetrate walls a treat too.... ;)
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Quote from: Weaver on February 27, 2011, 03:19:05 PM
Looks the part - nice one!  :thumbsup:

Bet those Colony Busters penetrate walls a treat too.... ;)
Hehehe....not quite disguised enough then I see.  Obviously, I...umm...I mean Section 31 got them in a sale at B&Q (Boom & Qu'pla !! - The Klingon DIY store...  Obviously.....


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