F-16A DeBlock 23

Started by Randalf, February 22, 2011, 03:59:40 PM

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Build from Academy MiG-23 & PM model F-16A.

BTW: Camo inspired by MiG-23 of Czech Air Force


This has got to be the best "F-16 with MiG-23 wings" I have ever seen!  :thumbsup:

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Well now there's something you don't see everyday.  Nice job  :thumbsup:
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Love it, love everything about it! Fantastic. :thumbsup:
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That looks absolutely Flawless :o It just looks so right and seamless.
Brilliant and certainly one of my fave's this year.
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Spectacular!!  :wub: Never seen an F-16 look so good!! I need to try one of these myself!
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This looks surprisingly... "right"!  :thumbsup: Marvellous job!  :bow:

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Hafta agree with everybody else.  That looks SOOOOO right.  Very nice! :thumbsup:


 :wub: Delicious model, a great addition to the F-16 family  :thumbsup: :bow:
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What they said ;D :wub: :thumbsup: :party:
Nom'd for the Whiffies :thumbsup:
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WOW!!  Great work and it looks so real!! :thumbsup: :bow:


4 posts and 2 `whiffie` nominations already...... :blink: Thats gotta be a new record....??  :lol:

Can`t add more to whats already been said really. Absolute magic..... :wub: :thumbsup: :bow: :bow:

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Great job on blending those kits together!  It looks very nice and I especially like the camo scheme.
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Ha!  That's pretty cool!  Nice job.
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