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DHC Wolverine V

Started by tigercat, February 21, 2011, 11:07:47 AM

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The DHC Moose was a twin-engine, twin-boom cargo aircraft designed and built by De Havilland Canada. DHC were greatly helped in this by French aircraft engineers who had fled to Canada after the invasion of their own country.
Developed by Dehavilland, the Moose  was designed as a heavy-lift cargo aircraft to succeed pre-war designs like the Curtiss C-46 Commando and Douglas C-47 Dakota which were hampered by their  side opening door.  The twin boom design and loading ramp  gave the Moose much more flexibility.  The aircraft was designed for a number of roles, including cargo carrier, troop transport, ambulance airplane and glider tow. It's STOL capacity made it ideal for keeping Canada's isolated communities. The single prototype first flew on 14th May 1944 and the first aircraft came off the production line in June 1945.

The DHC Wolverine was a version of the Moose in the Gunship role it's side firing armament  made it a potent weapon in the island hopping campaigns against the Japanese.

The DHC Wolverine V was a Maritime patrol variant selected for its already long range and the flexibility given by its cargo space.  Some cargo space was sacrificed by fitting extra fuel tanks which gave it a range of 3200 miles. The Gunship armament was modified to give it the firepower it needed to beat off marauding Junkers 88

Following the pioneering work with  a Vickers Wellington bomber (serial R1629) that was fitted with a rotating antenna array 4 Wolverines were converted into AWACS aircraft for use against aerial targets and then for possible use against German E boats

The plan is to fit a C119 wings and tail to 1 or possibly 2 for extra length Chinook bodies

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Looking forward to this! One minor correction - you mean 'conventional gear', or 'taildraggers', not tricycle gear. Tricycle gear means they have a nosewheel. I've got a  DC-4 in the stash which will be going the other way, it will become a taildragger!
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Thanks for that have tweaked it.


It's getting there although theres been a few hicups on the way


Now that is interesting... :thumbsup:
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Putting a Chinook fuselage in a nose up altitude makes  it look very like a DC3 but then they ar emade by the same company


Most interesting......  :thumbsup: