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Started by rickshaw, February 07, 2011, 03:13:23 AM

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What would the members say to forming a Co-Operative?

We could then buy kits wholesale and sell them to ourselves (and others via Ebay). ;)
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Sounds like a complex proposal given the international flavour of the site. 

That being said, I'm sure it would have definite benefits.  I remember seeing wholesale prices for 35th resin stuff (usually horrendously expensive) and it was very reasonable, it was just a case of markup.




It might work locally but would be difficult to control and manage on a global basis.
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Difficult but not impossible.  Remember, this is the age of globalisation and of course, with the added benefit of the internet and paypal, many things are now possible we'd never have tried 10 years ago.

I've been sniffing around some of the East European sites and their kit prices are substantally lower than what we pay for them either in the UK or downunder or I suspect the US.   Wholesalers however won't sell, except in bulk.  If we provide an outlet for them, I'm sure we could sell a reasonable quantity.

It is just an idea to mull over, Gentlepeople.
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Old Wombat

Not a bad idea but some of the problems would be;

Where would the stock be stored?
Who would control the finances?
How would operational costs (storage rental, labour costs, postage, etc.) be covered?
How would shares be distributed & controlled?
How do you deal with international import duties, tariffs & taxes?

I don't want to rain on your parade, mate, (because I really love the idea) but the complexities associated with putting it into operation are, I think, a tad difficult for a bunch of guys spread across the globe with generally little or no knowledge of each other, other than what is posted here. Most co-op's start out as small operations where local/national businesses/workers/farmers/etc. chip in to help themselves out but they generally all know each other or, at least, of each other personally &/or professionally.

Being honest.... We don't.
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Have to agree with Old Wombat. It's a great idea but very difficult to pull off.

How do we agree what to buy ?
What do we do we do with any surplus stock ?
How do we deal with local laws re import/export and taxation - they are going to be very varied and complex.

And inveitably some would join, lose enthusiasm (or wouldn't be getting what they expected to get from it) and drop out.

It would be far more practicable if organised in a single region, then you'd at least have consistent rules and regs to deal with.

Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong.


I used to own a hobby shop & prices are half retail but you have to add freight & taxes.

Biggest problem in Oz is delay in getting stock from the wholesalers - 2 wks (ok) to 3mths normally, sometimes 8 mths !!! -- & actually dealing with arrogant wholesalers Rell/Mon (poor service) & the big T & H who insist on you buying $1,500 per month, every month or "go away".

Don't think a co-op would work out well given the prices in the US & $ exchange rate.
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All good thoughts to be considered.   I will do some more thinkin' and considerin', methinks.

Not insurmountable, just more difficult, thats all.
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Army of One the idea of this......i understand the problems associated with it as well......shame really......