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Started by Swamphen, May 24, 2004, 06:26:58 AM

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A daring spy photograph shows the latest creation of those twisted minds at Dreamland, the F-19E Super Bat, up on block for landing gear retraction tests.

The F-19E is designed as a dual-purpose escort/ASAT fighter, powered by two afterburning turboramjets located under the wing roots. Estimated maximum speed is Mach 3.2.

It has five internal weapons bays. Two outer wing bays each carry two ASRAAM missiles, and the two inner wing bays each hold two AIM-120 Scorpion medium-range AAMs.

The underfuselage bay can carry four AIM-54X Super Phoenix ultra-long-range AAMs in the escort role, or two ASM-332 Birdshot ASAT missiles.

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I read that its high-tech wings are soooooooo thin that ground-crews sometimes get paper cuts from handling the aircraft!
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Is that 2 Matchbox kits I spy in the background?  :tank:  
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JHM -  :lol:

Nev - yup, the P-51D was built 100% OOB - no paint! Looks like a "Queen Mustang" drone with that orange fuselage. The other is a BAC Strikemaster, on-deck for when I can buy some paint - and putty, accidentally nipped a corner of the stab while Emerying the mold seams.  :(

Here's another C.A.F. member:

Wish I'd taken the pic from the other side, to show the Maverick on the outer pylon. Oh well. Guess which kit donated the decals, and from where the stores were scrounged...

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Canada wanted a Cardboard AF, hey, they wouldn't even have to change letterheads, but they were found to dissintegrate with all the snow :P

Decals from a 48th scale Testors F-4, and store from an A-10 ?

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QuoteDecals from a 48th scale Testors F-4, and store from an A-10 ?
Bingo! An ancient RF-4 kit I butchered and a A-10, likewise. No idea where the ALQ-119 pod in the 'tunnel' came from, likewise most of the undercarriage, tho the main wheels are from a (butchered, natch) Vulcan...

When I posted the pic at the top ("F-19E") on HyperScale I proposed it not just as an escort figher, but as an escort for EB-52 Megafortresses.  ^_^  It was suggested that what a EB-52 needed wasn't a Phoenix-armed escort, but instead a dogfighter to drive off visual-range MiGs...and that maybe a pair of Testors F-19s, carried X-15 style, would fit the bill?  :wub: