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Started by matrixone, May 23, 2004, 04:32:32 PM

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Some photos shot today, I have tried to further age these photos let me know if these are better than the first batch of aged pictures.


And two more photos...


John Howling Mouse

Oh come ON, pic #2 has to be the real thing!

;)   My friend, your dioramas and models deserve better TREES!

Fan-freakin' TASTtic!
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Heartily agreed!  The landing gear, the shadow... all well done...

apart from the perfect trees... any other complaint is pure naval gazing.. WELL DONE!!

And I don't even like Luft stuff.. but I know good modelling when I see it. Top Shelf, mate ;)  


BTW, don't agee with grainy comments.  Making it grainy detracts from the quality of your modelling.. makes it look like any of us could have done it... clearly not the case... keep dae'n  what yer dae'n... again... Top Shelf modelling!!!!!


Thanks for the kind words John and WeeJimmy!

I am trying to find the right combination of adjustments to make these pictures more realistic, I hope I finally found what works good!

Thanks for your help.



:wub: you're getting real good now  :wub:  
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I haven't made comment on your pics yet Matrixone, but I have been following the threads and I just have to say something now.....


Wish I could come up with something better to describe your work but I'm truely blown away with it all.  Really.

Damn sweet work dude.

:cheers:  :cheers:



Oh poo-poo!
:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  
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nev, Scooterman, and Radish, Thank you for the comments!

Today at work I asked some people about which editing program would be good for ageing pictures like I have been trying to do, ''Photoshop Element was recommended. As soon as I am able to I will get one of those and try some of those antique looking photos again.
I am far from finished with my photobase, several things will be added including a new airbrushed backdrop which will have a ''sky''  that is not as dark as my current backdrop. This should help when I try to age the pictures.



From one Luft 46 fan to another all I can say is fan-bloody-tastic!
Get this Cheese to sick bay!


Thanks Sisko!

I would like to see more Luft 46 stuff in the forum, can't get enough of it.



I'm another Luftwaffe '46 fan who appreciates these.
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Captain Canada

Okay, time for the DJ to take requests......

Matrixone, can you line them up and take a photo for me, 'down the flightline ' ?

You know, with all the 109s, then the 190s etc.

That would be cool !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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Thanks elmayerle and Captain Canada!

Too bad the Luft 46 fad is over, there are not many new kit releases of these type of planes lately by the mainstream kit makers. Maybe things will change and Luft 46 will be modeled more often, I really like to see what other modelers do with these sort of kits as far as the camo and markings are concerned.

Next photo session I will try a line up of Bf 109s and Fw 190s as if they were at a flight line, this might not work very good though because of the depth of field problem.