F-16 DeBlock 21

Started by Randalf, January 17, 2011, 04:18:02 AM

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Wow.  Looks really different with MiG feathers.
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that was a good idea, "mixing " the wings of a MiG-21 with the f-16 fuselage,i wonder if this could make the real f-16 even better.

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I remember seeing this on the Cz. forum and loving it to pieces, in fact I went searching for it just a couple weeks ago (which was not easy because I don't speak the language!) Its great to have you have you here! lovely model brilliant idea  :thumbsup: welcome aboard  :cheers:
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Looks faster somehow with those new tailplanes.


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oh yes that looks good

Wonder what our resident Viper expert will say when he claps eyes on this.
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Ed S

looks good.  I'm surprised how well the Mig 21 wings and tail go with the F-16.  Brilliant combination.

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Certainly impressive stuff. :thumbsup:
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Welcome on board.

Great entry, looks really neat.
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That looks like it's breaking the sound barrier just sitting still on the ground! :wub:
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Nicely done, and welcome to WHIF- warning there is no turning back. 
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Wow, that's incredibly nice, and amazing as well, as I was just working on a F-16/Su-15 cross breeding. I think yours looks nicer however. Czech markings are like Canadian markings, they look good on almost anything!

Alvis Pi


That looks just so right I am liking that a lot  :wub:
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