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Started by lancer, May 18, 2004, 11:38:54 AM

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Following on from reading  Geoffs thread about cross reffing to Halfords paints, I was thinking if it'd be a good idea to produce a listing for the equivalent Halfords spray paints to Humbrol; Xtracolor and other ranges.

What do the rest of ya think???
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Martin H

ok so who is our resident halford expert?
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Size (of the stash) matters.

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Somewhere out there on the web there is such a list, cross-referencing several brands of model paints. I used to have a copy, but it's long gone. Give it a Google, or whatever your chosen search engine is.

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One was IPMS Stockholm, the other was Don Colour.  One was better than the other, but that one has gone/moved.

I think Lee has done a bit of experimentation with Halfords paints.

I have a much scribbled on list of Xtracolour paints upon which I cross reference Humbrol, Tamiya & Gunze paints as I go along and work them out :)
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I use Rover Tempest Grey for Royal Navy Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Sea Grey (I'm not fussed about colour minutiae though), it's also good for USAF Gunship Grey for F-15Es & the like


IPMS Stockholm chart

Try that, althought I dunno if its what youguys are looking for. :unsure:

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the large size Humbrol spray cans are good too...their grey primer is a pretty close match for dark sea grey, their matt (satin) black good for WW2 night, these, as well as all the others having good covering properties too...gloss red (roundel), blue (french), green (ident & racing), yellow (ident), etc. the silver in their decorative range (red can!) is pretty fine grained and the one i use on most of my 'silver' finished display models!

btw. this range can usually be found in discount stores, corner shops, cash and carry's too, with prices ranging from 1.20 to around 2.50, so good value too!

happy modelling. cheers, joe  :ph34r:  
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Hey all. I'm getting ready to start my build for the Airfix GB, the Hunter FGA.9. I've hit a slight snag though. The paint callouts are Humbrol colors, and are just listed as a number. I've never even handled a bottle of Humbrol paint, so I have no idea what colors some of the pieces should be. Is there a list or soomethig available that I can cross reference against regular color names? Thanks for any help. Later.



IPMS Stockholm has Color reference charts which will help you translate Humbrol colors to other brands.  


Thanks, Hobbes. That helps a lot.


Nigel Bunker

QuoteI've never even handled a bottle of Humbrol paint

You won't have done - they come in tinlets!
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Hope this helps

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