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Started by Daryl J., January 01, 2011, 07:52:30 PM

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Is it true that one of the world's most influential and common aircraft has no berth yet on the Whiff site??

Follow MiG's practice of morphing one production type into the next but take a different tangent:  The MiG-17 PFU (the missile one with no guns) lengthened right in the middle, increase the sweep of the wing, enlarge the vertical stabilizer, relocate the horizontal stabs and one has an interim test platform in the development between what was the MiG-17 and the MiG-19.   One could do the same for the Fresco C if the more streamlined nose is desired.

Increase the length of the fuselage as before but put a full delta wing on it with fully revised stabilizers, again as a prototype with indistinct origins.     Early testing platform for what became the MiG-21.   

Early swing wing prototype.  

Rocket assist prototype with a rocket in a tail blister mounted not dissimilarly to the F-104 project.

Replace the cockpit with a bomb, add a rudimentary guidance system and drop from the belly of the Tu-95 Bear as some sort of air to ground missile.

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I bought a cheap 1/72 Mig 17 after watching an episode of 'Dogfights' and seeing the NV AF camo scheme.....would love to be able to sort out my airbrush n paint the scheme.....looks great......I really like the Mig 15/17



Add a nose radome and reshaped inlet for a Sabre Dog-style all-weather interceptor? Maybe a RIO seat as well.
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One idea I've been toying with for a while is a carrier based variant - ala Fury.


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Of course, there might also be an idea or two here:  MiG - A Canadian Success Story!


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


Quote from: pyro-manic on January 02, 2011, 06:28:20 AM
Add a nose radome and reshaped inlet for a Sabre Dog-style all-weather interceptor? Maybe a RIO seat as well.

The MiG-17P SP-2 was a prototype for just such a version.  If you wanted a two seater, graft the radar on to a JJ-5 kit.

My favourite is the MiG-17F SN, with aimable guns in the nose with a small radar between them:

If anyone needs drawings of them, you can download them both here:
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