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PSR-1 Prototype

Started by John Howling Mouse, January 01, 2011, 01:31:02 PM

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John Howling Mouse

Several years ago, I did a cardboard (yum!) mock-up of a concept I thought was quite practical, by my standards.  But I knew it would require significant scratchbuilding and much of the dreaded Putty-Sand-Repeat.  So, I'm actually naming it the PSR-1 in honor of all the work that's to come.  I had intended to do a prototype scheme then another in operational 3-color camo but chickened out on either because of all the scratchbuilding that was required.

The mock-up  (cardboard, yum!)

The templates (all pieces will be scratchbuilt, cut down and shaped from Evergreen stock sheets)

So, I...um...learned a couple of things today:

1. If you leave masking tape on your cardboard-styrene hybrid mock-up long enough (>cough< years >cough<) you will indeed have a [female dog] of a time trying to remove it.  The residue will, in fact, be stronger than CA glue yet remain sticky forever, apparently.

2. A household cleaning product called "Goof-Off" will remove virtually anything: gum, glue, ink, oil, sticker residue, etc.

3. Do not use said "Goof-Off" on the kind of polystyrene plastic used in the manufacture of injection-molded model kits from Taiwan unless you want a purposely roughened surface which cannot be repaired with less than the assistance of an Archangel (armor, diorama and figure modelers, please take note as it really makes some good texture: concrete and stone finishes on dio's, rough cast metals on armor, leather and fabric textures on figure kit clothing which is molded too smoothly).

4. Always have at least four of every kit you like in your stash (your spouse is wrong in arguing against this; tell her/him I said so).

I have since cut up the replacement kit whose parts have been washed in mild detergent ("washing up soap"?) and rinsed.  Air-drying the parts tonight as I ran out of gel-gas for my flame-thrower.

Oh yeah, number 5:

JHM is a dork who makes waaaaay too many dorky mistakes this deep into a lifelong modeling hobby!   &lt;_&lt;\


The initial raw pieces have been cut from suitable styrene sheet stock.  Note the additional handle areas.

Now, the arduous hours of shaping these flat slabs into wingforms begins.  Thankfully, I have just acquired a model-appropriate belt-disc sander from MicroTools.   :thumbsup:

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John Howling Mouse

Well, this Zhengdefu IDF model that I was using as the base for the PSR X-plane has turned out to be one dog of a kit.  Could only find one preview of the Zhengdefu IDF kit online and zero post-build reviews.  Very unflattering comments wherever I saw the Zhengdefu name mentioned but I thought, "I can build a model from bread-bag clips----no, wait, that was Brian da Basher!"

Zhengdefu apparently means "good luck, sucker" in Mandarin, judging but the lack of quality.  The fit is a little rough but it's more than that.  Even the plastic is cheap and odd: becomes sort of fibrous when you try to clean up the flash, etc. with files or a blade.  Reminds me of Bakelite from the 1920's and '30's (I'm older than I look).
The cockpit (what there is of one) apparently floats in mid-air as there are no visible means of attaching it to the inside of either fuselage halves (top or bottom).  So, that will have to be completely scratchbuilt as will an avionics bay in place of the rear 'pit.  I seriously doubt I'll get this assembled in three days, let alone painted.  No problem as I've now relocated the thread to the regular in progress build sub-forum.  This little dog of an airplane model WILL be built.   :blink:
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John Howling Mouse

The fun just keeps coming with this Zhengdefu kit.  Just a "little" bit of warpage, eh?

Gun port

No gun port

Intended fwd avionics bay (yes, I'm crazy).  I always thought the row of rectangular panels down the spine of an F-16 were access panels.  This IDF has similar panels along each side of its spine, too.  But I checked the "Jets Inside and Out" book and the only avionics bays I could find on an F16 were tiny little panels up front (just ahead of the cockpit).

Regular rear seater's instrument panel.  There will be no back-seater on this prototype, though.  So, I thought I'd cut it up a bit and incorporate the shape in the avionics/flight telementry modules I will scratchbuilt for the rear 'pit.

Here is the notch I cut into it.  Not easy with this weird, organic plastic.  We'll see how this looks later with greeblies jammed into every crevice.

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John Howling Mouse

Playing around with avionics/telemetry ideas on paper.  Problem is, I've been inspired by the masterclass works done by the modelers in "Sky" magazine, often in 1:32 scale.
In 1:48 scale, my scratchbuilt greeblies will not be able to live up to my drawings below and might end up looking a bit cartoonish but they should add some interest and texture.

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This looks Hot! Where's the popcorn?

Keep up the good work,
Steven L :thumbsup:


Mmm, obviously the Czech posters have inspired you.  Are we witnessing a "Modelling Race"?  ;)
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John Howling Mouse

Thanks guys.  Compared to the Czechs and the "Sky" model mag Italians, I feel like a kid playing with mudpies.  But it's fun and I get to share with you fine folks.

Here is the fwd avionics bay cut out:

And I've started to box in the aft avionics/telemetry bay with some ribbed details, black boxes, etc.:

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Cliffy B

Looking good man!  Some dry brushing will really pop all of the surface detail.  Keep it up  :thumbsup:
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John Howling Mouse

Still building up the containment details on the aft avionics bay.  Used that notch I had cut from the rear seater's IP to good effect.  It's all a bit crude at this point but keep in mind that this is just the background for the guts that will fill this bay.  And I haven't started stringing wires yet!

Some greeblies:

Decided to keep the original tailfin mount as a Rear Warning Radar housing.  Figured I might as well open two parts of that up as well.

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Captain Canada

How much can I rent that space for ? I'll pm you my logo....


Awesome stuff, Baz. Love to see the pencil sketches of your ideas. Isn't plastic fun ?

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Vive les Canadiens !
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Bazztastic, for sure !  Love the bay, glad you decided to do a full out run with it.


I feel ashame, modelling that way is such a serious affair... (my models look like baby jokes, compared) :blink:
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]

John Howling Mouse

Thanks, guys.  Tophe, you have an ability to conceive things without any limitations whatsoever...something that I cannot do.   :thumbsup:

Testing out the bang-seat from a Revell F-16.  Looks good enough to me.

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Looks conceivable to me as well !   :cheers: