YF-19 Hasegawa 1:48

Started by wacek85, December 01, 2010, 02:40:21 PM

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I'd like to present my just finished model of Macross YF-19 by Hasegawa 1:48 :) Hope you'll like it :)

And my anime shelf :)

Cliffy B

Very nice!  Love the pilots having a barbecue  :thumbsup:
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Very nice :thumbsup:
I fancy doing a couple of these in 1/72nd scale, and seeing yours built makes me want to do some even more.Excellent work on the dio too.
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Beautiful job, man.  I've had my eye on doing one of these for ages, but I'd like to see the YF-21 in 48 as well--do a dio and pair them up. :thumbsup:


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Why is Lt. Dyson still in the cockpit and not out enjoying the BBQ?   ;D
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Quote from: anthonyp on December 07, 2010, 06:13:31 PM
Why is Lt. Dyson still in the cockpit and not out enjoying the BBQ?   ;D

Because I had no idea where I could get accurate head of Lt. Dyson :D

John Howling Mouse

Fantastic!  Good enough for the cover of Hobby Japan!   :thumbsup:
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Amazing! I love this, and it's of a subject I thoroughly love. Brilliantly executed!