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Started by McGreig, November 24, 2010, 06:33:13 AM

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A bit late in the day, but - - -

This is the corpse of an aerodynamically advanced Su-15, originally built in the mid-Eighties when the Pioneer 2 (now PM) kit of the Flagon first appeared. It was exhumed in the run-up to this year's Scale Modelworld when I was desperately looking for things that I might get finished for the show. ("Might" being the operative word - Completed builds at painting stage on 1 November = 10. Number of new models on stand at SMW = 0!)

It was inspired by the Su-15 entry in the original 1983 edition of Bill Gunston's "Aircraft of the Soviet Union" which read, in part:

"OKB had desk-top models in mid-1970s of aerodynamically advanced derivatives (foreplanes, twin canted fins) presumably intended for close air combat as well as stand-off interception". (This paragraph was not included in the revised and expanded 1995 edition).


By the time of the exhumation, the Advanced Su-15 had lost all its undercarriage parts, both tail planes, most weapon pylons and weapons and one fin. However, it still seemed to be a reasonable restoration project and one that would fit in well with this GB.

So this is where I'd got to just before SMW. A second PM Flagon kit has been sacrificed to provide the missing undercarriage, cockpit and tail planes. The missing fin miraculously reappeared (in a completely different box of parts!) and was fixed back in place and a Revell Red Arrows Hawk gave up its tail planes as the basis for the canards. (Incidentally, the fins come from a Hasegawa MiG-29 and the braking parachute housing is a drop tank of unknown origin).

The final two photos show the first coat of the new three tone blue paint scheme.


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Another build i shall be watching closely, looks really nice so far  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Closely rivalling the Beech 19 for the aircraft with the most number of flying surfaces!  ;D Not to mention the loooooongest nose on the planet!

Magic looking device, I'm most impressed.  :thumbsup:
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Army of One

oh.....very cool....looking forward to the finished model...what loadout will it have if any....?



Sexy! :wub: Very nice concept, McGreig - looking forward to seeing this finished!
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Yes, Yes.. that works for me
Nice work


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Thanks everyone  :thumbsup:

Duncan - would love to see the ogival winged version if you get round to it. I thought about adapting a MiG-29 wing but, looking at the drawings again, I'm not sure if that would work.

Army - load out will probably be two Aphids on the inner pylons and two Anabs on the outer.

And now, a little progress with the paint scheme, as I have finished the upper surface camouflage.

Had hoped to do more by now, but life has been disrupted by the somewhat Siberian conditions surrounding OKB McGreig. :o Not that the cold itself is a problem to we former Aberdonians, but you try modelling in a house with three children whose schools have shut down!! :blink: The fourteen year old (I'm a Teenager, not a Child!!!) spends a lot of time rolling her eyes to Heaven and sighing at the inadequacies of Parents, her twelve year old brother can't understand why a little bit of snow has cancelled his football training and Sunday League matches and the six year old has made up for the age and size difference by mastering psychological warfare at an early age and spends his time winding up the others. :wacko: It's like being trapped in an episode of "Outnumbered"!!!


Nice work on the camo, really suits it and is very well executed. Freehand airbrush? If so  :bow:

Great snow picture Comrade
"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." -Jules de Gaultier

"My model is right! It's the real world that's wrong!" -global warming scientist

An armor guy, who builds airplanes almost exclusively, that he converts to space fighters-- all while admiring ship models.

Army of One

Thanks for the reply.....great camo scheme there....didn't think it would be that effective over snow....but it obviously is....can't see it anywhere in pic 3....using the shed as a refference point....would you be so kind as to point it out.....driving me mad looking for it..... ;)