Another random WIP (B-58 Hustler scale-o-rama)

Started by Burncycle, November 22, 2010, 08:23:45 PM

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I was trying to think of something interesting to do with a B-58, and actually had a bunch of different configurations I wanted to try. I ended up settling on something Tu-22 esque with a pair of engines at the base of the tail, and of course lately I've been on a scale-o-rama rampage so I wanted to make the 1/144 scale kit into a 1/72 scale aircraft.

I added canards (1/260 scale B-1B elevators) and it kind of reminded me of a Tu-144, though I wasn't necessarily aiming for russian styling. The rear windows will be painted over and a rough canopy shape (1/100 scale Bae Lightning) has been put into place temporarily to give an idea of the overall lines when it's done.

I was thinking of hardpoints on the flat areas on the wings for air to air missiles, but with the canards that obviously wouldn't work. Maybe fuel tanks like the lightning...

Anyway just a thought experiment, not settled on this as the final design yet. Wasn't sure if I should keep the inboard engines and move the outboard ones (as I did) or vice versa, so I'll probably play around with it a bit more.


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Looks very promising! :wacko:

I think the engine arrangement you've got is the logical one: keeps all four thrust lines as close to the centreline as possible. I wouldn't worry about using the wing "flats": with the B-58 undercarriage, you're going to have LOADS of ground clearance for under-fuselage stores.

I like it! (and yes, it definately has something Very Gerry about it)  :thumbsup:
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I am liking the look of this, long range high altitude high speed UFO destroyer perhaps?? :wub: :wub:
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Very Nifty :wub: You could always still move the canards down to clear missiles but overwing tanks would be cool too :thumbsup:
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lol yeah I was thinking maybe point defense interceptor or anti ship missile carrier... it really is a tight squeeze for the pilot in 1/72 scale, and not much room for radar! Maybe I can enlarge the nose...

Thanks for the comments, I think I'll mess with it a little more



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Cool design, I also tried some similar engine arrangements... love the canards addition! :ph34r: :thumbsup:


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Have you thought about making it into an Air Sea Rescue Search Plane? Looks like it would be Suited to that Role! Reminds me of the Spearhead bomber from Stingray! :cheers: Dan

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Do you mean like this Cobra?,

Something I've been working on and off for a while...(using the ancient Revell 1/96th kit the one of the actual models used by Anderson)....


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Yep. You do great work! Would you Agree The B-58 looks like it work work for ASR,Andy? Dan


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