Big Wing Viper

Started by Scooterman, May 09, 2004, 09:46:24 PM

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Probably a month after the first posting about being ready for primer but here she is after first coat. Pics do me a lot of credit. I have much more blending of seams and restoring panel lines ahead. Then again, I could just say feck it and get the other details and dark grey on the beast and call it good. Anyways, enjoy and part three in a few days I swear!




Been busy tonight.  Here's a few more.  Added lumps and bumps for the Weasel mission.



Lots o' plyons!  NOT a standard F-16 now!


Couldn't resist the 'airshow load'.   B)

And I've gone the feck it route and I'll spot paint the light grey tonight and get the dark grey tomorrow.  I want something to put on my shelf damnit!! :angry:  :angry:



Heheheheh SWEEEEEEET  B)  
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Whoa, nice!

Keep up the good work!!

:wub:  :cheers:  


QuotePics do me a lot of credit.
Like I've always said, a cheap digicam hides many a modelling sin :)

Looks great BTW.
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Jeffry Fontaine

Brad, I really like what you have done with that yard dart, any chance you can fill us in on the fine details of how you enlarged the wing?
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If I recall correctly he used the wings and part of the fuselage off a Mitsubishi F-2.
"We can resolve this over tea and fisticuffs!!!"

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I'm LOVING it!!!!!!!!!!!

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