Hawker Sea Tornado

Started by Pablo1965, November 08, 2010, 04:37:11 PM

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This is my favourite plane in my whatif collection. It consist in a Hurricane fuselage with a Griffon engine with the same wing transformation made in the Typhoon to became in the Tempest. The air cooled are in the wing like in the tempest prototype. Have the hook of landing like the sea hurricane.

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Really looks the part Pablo.  Could definitely cause some doubletakes amongst the JMNs.

Love the loadout too.



comrade harps

How cool. Subtle but detailed differences. The JMNs will hate it.  :wacko:


Love it.  Been toying with building a Griffon Hurri, but with a thinned down standard wing, maybe streched for high altitude work

Whats a JMN?


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Your improved silhouette is pleasing for dreamers, thanks! :thumbsup:
(JMN is, opposite, a Joyless Modelling Nazi, a severe modeler frowning eyes whenever there is some difference from True Reality, even small or tiny like rivet counting)
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Absolutely nice. Perfect. :thumbsup:



Quote from: Devilfish on November 08, 2010, 11:54:56 PM
Whats a JMN?
As Tophe has already said, JMN stands for a Joyless Modeling Nazi/Numpty, or whatever other N you can think of. They are those for whom scale exactness is everything and anything less is an abhorant abomination. Rivet counters, most emphatically.
They hate Whiffers because they can not understand our view point.
We have fun with our modellng.
I do wonder about them.

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Thanks to all and also to explain what is a JMNs.. I am happy with my aeronautical fiction planes. In my comunity I am a lonely case, but I don't mind.
Ah! the wing was take from a Hawker SeaFury.
To give thanks... a Photo.


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Very nicely done, I think you've managed the griffon installation very well.

Below is the real project which didn't get off the drawing board.  Funny enough, I think the Griffon put into a Hurricane was less of a problem than attaching one to the Spitfire
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Cool, a Hurricane with 'ooomph'! Inspiration for the three I still have lying around somewhere.
Thanks for sharing.


Great model of a great idea!  :thumbsup:
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