French Civil War Spads

Started by jeremak, November 06, 2010, 05:37:40 AM

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For more background look here:,26767.msg462177.html#msg462177

Long and difficult struggle against Germany and Britain during the Great War, led to the communist revolution in France. The Reds quickly gained the northern industrial areas, Paris and the Rhone valley. Soon after, Loyalist were pushed out by Loire, after fighting in Brittany and Normandy. Fighting in France lasted longest in the Massif Central, where, after losing in the north, withdrew forces of General Weygand, to try to get the ports on the Mediterranean coast, where they can be evacuated to Algeria. Revolutionary Fighter Squadron "Lyon" was one of the best-scoring unit in the Communists Air Forces. It participated, inter alia, in offensive on Tours and Poitiers, and the fights for Montpellier.

Algieria was one of regions keeped by Loyalists, and their leader: marshall Foch. This plane is was in an unsuccessful attempt to retake Corsica by "Army of Agieria", commanded by General Petain.


Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong.


Will die without understanding this world.


Both gorgeous! :wub: Very impressive, and I love the concept.
Some of my models can be found on my Flickr album >>>HERE<<<


A like the planes profiles, but the idea of a french Civil War make me scare. :bow:


That's a good idea! (But why war against Germany and England?)
In a red revolution in France (as in Germany in 1918) would follow the loss of territory. Alsace-Lorraine would remain in Germany and Italy would certainly hungry! The Spad look super!