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Started by philp, November 03, 2010, 10:22:08 AM

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Got an email a couple weeks ago from Finescale Modeler wanting to use one of the pictures I sent in.  After a "this is cool" moment I wrote back and supplied my info.  This week I have received not one but two copies of the December 2010 issue with my South Korean F-47 on page 37 (and a check for $35  :thumbsup:).  Unfortunately, they left off the part that this is a What If build and actually wrote it more to the point that we used the T-bolt in Korea.

Yep, you know where this is going.

So, before I even got my first issue, there was a thread over at Hyperscale all flustered over the fact we never used the 47 in Korea.  This went on for several lines before I found it and added my note that we should have but it was a What If build.

I sent Monica at Finescale a note yesterday telling her that she had missed the what if part of the build and in today's email I got a note from the asst editor (have to confirm) that they had received an email from a disgruntled vet who went on about how we didn't use that plane and Col Hess flew the Mustang, etc, etc.  I responded again to Mark that it was a what if build and I had noted that when I sent them the pic.

Oh well, least I am published and may have a few more pics showing up in print soon.  Paul Bradley asked for some photos of the What If tables from the Nationals to flesh out his SAMI report and another guy asked to use my ECM bay pics of the EF-111 that are up on my Picasoweb page.
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How cool is that? Nice one! :thumbsup:

As to the mistake: oh well, it wasn't your fault.

Be interesting to see if it "flies" so to speak, i.e. it gets authorititively repeated based on the magazine article.

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not another pr9 in the making!!!!!
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well done  :thumbsup:

as for the 'mistake'...............its good to stir them up and give them something to whinge on about every now and then  ;D
.............hes a very naughty boy!
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Congrats on being legitimately published, and helping to sow the seeds of confusion, albeit accidentally. It wasn't your fault FSM did a blunder, and at least you got the satisfation of seeing your work in print.

Alvis Pi

Ed S

And its a nice looking Thunderbolt too.  Got my issue in the mail yesterday.

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