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Started by Daryl J., October 30, 2010, 12:37:21 PM

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Daryl J.

From the engine pods outboard, add in wing dihedral.  Revise to all-metal construction.  Contraprops.   Belly pod with capacity for forward or sideways angled cameras.  Alternative belly pod with a pair of cannon.    Night fighting equipment removed.   Serves in post war allied forces.

Reduce plastic thickness in aft half of model kit to reduce amount of weight needed to keep kit on nose.   

Army of One

Mmmmm...interesting......would you have changed the engines...?


Daryl J.

QuoteMmmmm...interesting......would you have changed the engines...?

Yes.   However, I have no pods/props I could use to convert the 1/48 kit to a fictitious turboprop and I didn't jump in and buy a bunch of Tamiya FW-190F-8's when HLJ had them on sale for about $US10 some time back.   I would have put the radials on it under the guise of increasing the pilot's lateral field of view.     Converting the machine to new nose with a bubble top canopy is more work than I want to do.   Lazy me.    :party:
Daryl J.


Interesting - you going to do it?

I have a plan underway for a Ta154...but you will have to wait to see!


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Daryl J.

Yep.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I have 2 Dragon kits along with some resin rivet decals to show off the ''metal'' construction and some Korean F4U-4 decals.   As of this time, it's going to be a USMC or Navy aircraft in overall gloss sea blue.   I have this thing for monochrome finishes to better show modifications as camouflage paints do exactly that....hide the hard work.    The basic plan is for a mildly stretched ground attack D-9, an updated Ta-152H, the Ta-154, a V-tailed He-162, a smooth nose Dinah, a Gekko, some Zeros, and a V-tailed Me-262 all in U.S. service.  I'd use a Ta-152C rather than the D-9 as a base for the ground attack machine but I've never found a kit in the price range I'm willing to pay.  

It fascinates me (yeah...I'm easily fascinated) that aircraft such as the Canberra and the Skyraider were as long lived as they were given the time of conception to retirement.  I'm just extending the idea onto other airframes.  

Hopefully, the Ta-154x kit will have raised rivets on the aft fuselage where the airflow is dirty.  


One could play with the idea of either an armistice being reached or perhaps no Nazis but still have Fw190s etc (or something along those lines)and thus have a German contingent involved in Korea and/or Vietnam?


All hail the God of Frustration!!!

Daryl J.

I'm not quite sure how I want to backstory the histories.     :thumbsup:

Army of One

Among the many things I wanna do....but will probably never do.......was a conversion to turbo prop engines on a Ta 154....metal construction and up armed.....bit like a Tigercat.....love the one that is on this site in SE Asia camo n serving in Vietnam.....displayed in a flying pose....great kit.....turbo prop yours.....heavy gun armament and some pylons on the outer wing with bombs n rocket pods....oh yeah....!!! however....it is your model....but it would look so cool....H


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There were plans for a Ta 154 (and a Ta 254) with a revised forward fuselage with a heightened cockpit for better pilot view.
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The Plan:


My only thought for a '154 project would be the '254 single seater as a last gasp attempt at salvaging a fatally flawed design.


I have done a turbo prop Ta-154 also I put a twin tail on in, turbo props, tip tanks and sensor equipment on it. I want to do another one I have as a coin bird, also with the tip tanks and turbo props, and give it some offensive ordnance. I am not sure whether I will bother with a tail mod or not, maybe put a T-tail on it. A wrap round 3 tone green camo would look cool too.
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Alternatives to Moskito, improving lateral visibility. ;)  :mellow:

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Have anyone tried to make a jet-powered Ta-154, whether in pixels or in plastic?


No, but I had, a couple of years ago, the idea to transplant a Ta 154 nose section onto an Ar 234 as a fighter variant, but this has not materialized yet.