HIKOKI 1946. Nakajma Ki 121 Kendra

Started by PACOPEPE, October 29, 2010, 02:34:52 PM

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Nakajima Ki 121 Kendra. Maj. Akira Kobayashi. 2º. Chutai, 104 Sentai. South of Japan; spring of 1946.

On september of 1945; with the Kitsuka (Kikka) under development for the IJN, Nakajima provided the IJA their proposal for what was to be the definitive japanese version of the Me 262; the Ki 201 Karyu.

However, at the same time -due to the serious military situation-, Nakajima built the Me 262 unlicensed, copying the parts of this aircraft coming by submarine from Germany. This one was called Nakajima Ki 121 Kendra.

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Excellent work! The camo is perfect and the bright white and red hinamarus set it off in a big way  :bow:
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Very interesting, and very well done.




Perfect! :wub:
Is it a scratchbuit of yours from a Me-262 or did you use parts from a Kikka kit or something? (the canopy does not look very 262ish, maybe "more Japanese", great!)
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Thanks to all.

Yes Tophe, the canopy doesn´t seem a lot to one of the Me 262, but...the kit hasn´t any modification, it´s the ORIGINAL kit of the manufacturer MATCHBOX.

I knew this kit had canopy and fuselage quite different from those of other kits of the Me 262. For this reason i chose it for built a "modified copy" of a Me 262.




The "Home Defense" markings of the red Hinomaru on a white square background always look good on Japanese aircraft (or German for that matter!).
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