Do you like the old Air Racers?

Started by Pablo1965, October 26, 2010, 03:53:13 PM

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The old air racers, with the sounds of the engines, the fuel in the air, risk...those things make build this plane:


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An air racer sponsored by our favorite model manufacturers----positively inspired, Pablo!   :wub:
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Very nice - the white leading edges with the black demarcation makes for a very attractive scheme! May I ask what kit you used? I don't recognise the aircraft I'm afraid.
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That is excellent! Wow! Makes me grin. Brilliant use of the Model Manufacturing decals too  :cheers:
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...and Yes, I do like the old air racers!

Is that a "Travelaire"?
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Smart scheme:excellent!  :thumbsup:

My guess? Polikarpov I-152
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 Fond of them myself, and this is a delightful interpretaion. I think the 'Mystery ship' had shorter gear, though...


And the winner is ....I-152 but only the fuselage, the wings was taken form a swordfish 1/72, and the wheels was taken from a Nate.
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Thanks for your words and however a photo...


[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]



looks great pablo, just like the real aircraft.

best regards



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