1/144 SU-47K Sea berkut

Started by Spey_Phantom, October 22, 2010, 10:37:16 AM

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with the 1/144 scale aircraft carrier slowly making progress, i thought i'd start by building a part of the airwing, beginning with a prototype of a Navalised version of the SU-47 Berkut.

im planning on building it in an updated standard, with an internal load of 2 AA-10 or 4 AA-11 missiles.
started last night by cutting out bombay doors, and i fitted an arrestor hook and a twin barrel gun  ;D

for the camo im thinking standard SU-33 camo with a light grey underside, here's a few pics  :mellow:
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got a small update,

just finished fitting the walls inside the bombbay, the internal pylons are salvaged from a revell 1/144 F-19 that was scrapped a few years ago, the AA10 Missiles are from a DML/Dragon SU-35/37.

furthermore i added an IFR Probe froma 1/144 minicraft Sea Harrier FRS1.
as an extra, i decided to put ECM pods on the wingtips, these are made from leftover spreu (put the sprue rod in my dremel drillhead, and ran it agains some sandpaper, came out nice and round  ;D)

weapons bay seems a bit to small to fit 4 AA-11's, R-77 would be OK, but im all out atm  :-\
its still gonna look great when its done, i promise  <_<

some more pics ;D
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I like it!
However, paraphrasing Sheriff Brody (from the movie JAWS): "The Russians are going to need a bigger boat".
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got some more pics  <_<

the cockpit has been painted and fitted, weapons are done last night and fitted this morning.
for the colors inside the bombbay, i looked at the bay of the Tu160.
the ECM pods have been fitted on the wings and (not visible) the engine nozzles and nose cone have been painted.


i just found 4 pylons from a 1/144 Mig-29 and SU-37 kits in the sparesbox. these have just been fitted underneath the wings.
this increases the SU47K's ammo with 2 short range AAM's (those strange ones that are included in the Revell mig kit) and 2 Stand Off missiles (modified from 2 wierd looking ones from the airfix 1/144 viggen)
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its Finished, in 24 hours on the dot  :rolleyes:

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Quote2 Stand Off missiles (modified from 2 wierd looking ones from the airfix 1/144 viggen)

They would be the SAAB Rb-04s:


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


What the...  :o How's that even possible? 24 hours?  :blink: And the result looks this cool?  :bow: Awesome!

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Damn that's fast modelling, nice one Nils!  :thumbsup:

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Effin Beauty :wub: But obviously a photoshop as we all know it is impossible to model in that scale ;) ;D :blink:
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Awesome Job :thumbsup: :thumbsup: This Plane Screams,"Russian TOP GUN" to Me! Keep up the Great Work :cheers: :cheers:Dan