Blackbird Helijet Idea

Started by Cobra, October 20, 2010, 09:39:49 PM

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Hey Guys, What If the SR-71 Blackbird were used as the Basis for a Spy/Special Ops Helijet? the Idea just struck me now & I Thought I'd post. What Say You? Think it would work or Not? Can you just picture something like that in a Show like Stingray,Thunderbirds,or Captain Scarlet? Thank For Looking.Dan


I am not sure how you would combine the Blackbird with a heli rotor but you could maybe make it into some sort of cool VTOL jet with a small carry capacity for black ops specialists.

This sounds like a really interesting idea, I am not too sure what your idea is but I look forward to seeing how you envisage fleshing it out.


This belongs in the realm of Anime.  No way an SR-71 (or A-11, A-12, or YF-12) would ever be able to do this mission.  Too big and too specialized.  In the world of Anime, however, the laws of physics can be broken using alien technology.
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I could see Batman using a machine like that.
Then again the Plane that the X-Men use in the movies is very Blackbirdish....As is Padme Amidala's spaceship.
Lots can be done with the airframe.
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Most Helijets didn't have rotors. The one based on the Kaman Huskie kit had four B-58 Hustler engines for vertical power slapped on the side in pairs and two or four (can't remember for sure) for horizontal power mounted high on the rear.

For a Blackbird Helijet I'd have two Blackbird nacelles stuck together and faired into one unit on each side and mounted to the wing on a pivot near the afterburners so the engines can swivel for VTOL or horizontal flight.  Probably need to have longer landing gear for engine ground clearance when rotated upwards for VTOL, I'd also have the engines canted so the exhaust would blast outward, away from the landing gear. I hope that all makes sense, it does in my head!

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if it makes sense in your head then your winning, now go and build it
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