Huckebein finished today.

Started by matrixone, October 17, 2010, 06:43:47 PM

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The Ta 183 Huckebein is now finished.

Here are a few pics of it...

And two pics of the Ta 183 under new management...


Cliffy B

I'll get my knitting needles now...

Yet another superb work of art man!  :thumbsup:
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just back from 3 weeks holidays - very nice job on the Ta 183


That top picture is gorgeous  :wub:

Tremendous modelling as per normal  :bow:
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Absolutely beautiful model and an excellent paint job as well!


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I amuse me.
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So I got that going for me...which is nice....


Many thanks to all who responded!

The model turned out okay but one thing that bothers me about it is I did not quite shorten the landing gear legs enough...it should sit with the nose a little higher than it does now. Maybe next year I will build another one.

Two more pics...

My what-if Dora is also finished, pics will be posted later today.



It looks great Matrixone.... quit grumbling about the undercarriage as its a work of art.

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


Superb, brilliant and wonderfully executed  as ever Matrixone.
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Wonderful work! :bow: As always! :bow:

Is the little raven beneath the cockpit there on purpose? Would be a hell of a coincidence if not. I ask because there's the story "Der Ungl├╝cksrabe Hans Huckebein" (the unlucky raven Hans Huckebein) by Wilhelm Busch, a famous German poet, caricaturist and painter, perhaps better known for the "Max und Moritz" stories. Click >>HERE<< for a translated version.
I've seen this raven on other planes before and in some cases, Busch's "Huckebein" was mentioned in the context. I believe one Zerst├Ârergeschwader used one of the original drawings of the raven for their emblem.

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