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Vote for best model

Started by GTX, October 15, 2010, 12:56:48 PM

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Ok comrades, who did the best model - one vote only!

Comrade Buzzbomb's RAF F111-O "Stoat" Radar Suppression Aircraft
14 (31.1%)
Comrade Slerski's General Dynamics EF-111F
0 (0%)
Comrade Sandiego89's F-111B aboard Ark Royal, 1975
3 (6.7%)
Comrade Van883's RAF F-111A
3 (6.7%)
Comrade Steel Penguin's RAF F-111
1 (2.2%)
Comrade Keith Diamond's Hebrew Hammer
2 (4.4%)
Comrade Ysi_maniac's YF-115
17 (37.8%)
Comrade Grayman's Revamped RAAF F-111
0 (0%)
Comrade Pyro-manic's CF-111 Wolverine, 1975
5 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 42

Voting closed: October 29, 2010, 12:56:48 PM



This is a glorious day.  You now have an opportunity to vote for the best model creation in this GB...your votes may even count!

Two weeks have been allocated for voting.  Finished entries may be viewed here


Comrade Gregorski (Commissar of all F-111 GB things)
All hail the God of Frustration!!!



Only 26 votes so far...not good enough!!!!

Hurry, before the last Pig leaves!


Comrade Gregorski (Commissar of all F-111 GB things)
All hail the God of Frustration!!!


Comrades we have a winner!!!

Comrade Ysi_maniac, please PM me your address so that I can send the KGB around to take you to the Lubyanka for questioning send you your prize for your "YF-115".


Comrade Gregorski (Commissar of all F-111 GB things)
All hail the God of Frustration!!!


"Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality." -Jules de Gaultier

"My model is right! It's the real world that's wrong!" -global warming scientist

An armor guy, who builds airplanes almost exclusively, that he converts to space fighters-- all while admiring ship models.

Steel Penguin

the things you learn, give your mind the wings to fly, and the chains to hold yourself steady
take off and nuke the site form orbit, nope, time for the real thing, CAM and gridfire, call special circumstances. 
wow, its like freefalling into the Geofront
Not a member of the Hufflepuff conspiracy!



Keith Diamond

Congrats Ysi_manic!  And congrats to Buzzbomb too.  I really enjoyed his Radar Suppression aircraft as well!
Man, we should have cloned twenties. Jackson wouldn't have given a poo-poo.


Thanks to all of you for your comments! :cheers:
I was really surprised to win this GB :thumbsup: :blink:
There were several impressive models in this GB. To be honest, I think that I won because of that blue :mellow: : it is a mix of Molak Azure Blue and Humbrol White :thumbsup:

:wub: Thanks a lot to all participants and voters! :wub:
Will die without understanding this world.


Well done Carlos.. a really neato bit of modelling there.

Thanks to all the folks who voted for my humble effort as well :cheers:

Here's to the next build





Very well done, ysi - a superb build, and a very deserving winner. :thumbsup:  Many thanks to those who voted for my build as well! :cheers:
Some of my models can be found on my Flickr album >>>HERE<<<