Ta 154 Zerstorer

Started by matrixone, May 03, 2004, 08:09:10 PM

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Here is the last complete airplane I built this year, it is the ProModeler Ta 154 built as a day fighter instead of the nightfighter.
It has ''what if'' markings for that of a Zerstorer unit and painted in the camo colors and pattern that was used by the Zestorer units at that stage of the war(1944) before the Mustangs were able wipe out the twin engine fighter units.

Because of my workload at my job almost all work on my photobase and any other models that were planned to be started soon will have to be set aside for a few weeks. I had put a deadline of June 1 of this year as a completion date for my photography base project, now it might be in July :angry: .


Captain Canada

Sweet !

One heck of a job on that model, buddy !

Keep it up !


I'd also like to see one in more modern, post war markings.......

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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Thanks Captain Canada!

All thats left to do on the photobase project is to finish the new hanger, add a couple AA weapons for the background, and finish painting the figure sets I have now.
Since I have to put in a bunch of extra time at work the next two or three weeks pretty much any real progress in finishing this project will be painfully slow. I can't wait to get back to doing just airplanes for a while.

Here is another pic shot last Sunday evening...



Nice... :wub:
As beautiful as a Whirlwind...
But the lateral view for the crew would have been a problem, no ?
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


I really like the dark sky.  Very foreboding & doom laden  :)  
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Thanks for the comments Tophe and nev!

Yes the lateral view was not very good for a fighter, but the Bf 110 and Me 410 could not perform as well as the Ta 154 either, the Ta 154 had more speed and handled like a Fw 190.

As far as the gloomy looking sky goes, the photo was taken near nightfall Sunday evening. For me it was very gloomy and doom laden, it was near my bedtime and I had to get up at 5:00 am and start another week of work!

In this photo is a ''what if'' kind of airplane you might like...

A couple of ground crew getting a Ho 229 ready for another flight.



Beautiful Matrix, really breautiful. Especially under that leaden grey sky.
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Thanks lancer,
This might be one of the last new pics I can post for a week or two because of increased workload at my job. Most time spent on the hobby will be in very short supply the next few weeks.



absolutely beautiful work matrixone....you can almost hear the birds singing and smell the fuel being pumped.
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Quoteyou can almost hear the birds singing and smell the fuel being pumped

Before the RAF or the USAAF come along and straff  the place with Typhoons or Thunderbolts !!!!.

Anyway looking awesome Matrix, hopefully someone can source you the preiser figures to man the Airfield with, along with some of the Luftwaffe vehicles that the cottage industry produces.

Preiser figures in the US - check the Luftwaffe sets

(Speaking of figures, there seems to be different set coming out for the revell 1/72 U-boat each month but no sod has done a set of sailors for the S-Boat yet !!!!! )


Geoff B  B)


Thank you retro seventies and Thorvic!

That airfield picture does look too quiet and no sign of damage from the fighter bombers. I might add not one but two airplane hangers. One hanger will be undamaged the other with part of roof missing from damage caused by air attacks.

I have a set of Preiser figures now, I have to paint them. Also was able to get the Eduard 1/48 scale Luftwaffe figures. They should really help these pictures I have been taking.

Also I plan on getting some small AA weapons to add in the background of my pictures.



Hmmm I thought I had added my 2 cents earlier.

What I wanted to say was when I see these pic Maxi, they make me drool.  ^_^
This part of the the whole discussion board is my fav and it's work like yours that has me feeling that way. Bestest of all, you do like all the guys, offer your work without any pretense or snobbery. And everyone is so darn helpful. Mind you, with work like yours you have a right to be a snob cause it's so great.

Beautiful work. I can't wait for more.  ^_^  
Getting back into modeling


Thank you very much IMWFO!

In a few weeks I might be able to finish this project, but even if it was finished right now I am still figuring out what looks good in these pictures and what does not. It will take some time to learn how to position the models and buildings for the best effect, also from time to time I will post some black & white versions of my pictures. If things go well in the future it is hoped that my pictures will be hard to tell if its models in the picture or the real thing. If that ever happens all this effort to build this photobase will have been worth it. But that may never happen, at least its fun to try! And fun is what this hobby is about.