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Started by thedarkmaster, October 10, 2010, 02:18:16 AM

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Soviet Akula class Submarine K344, as she appeared in the DHL add " Safe and Secure " 1991

After the sucess of the earlier DHL advert starring the B58 Hustler advertising executives around the world had fought for the chance to top this advert.

The washington group was the winner for their take on the advert for the new " Safe and Secure " service that DHL was going to operate in the spring of 1991. An undisclose but absolutly Huge amount of money changed hands and the Soviet Navy was more than happy to provide props and extras for the advert, It was rumoured at the time that enough dried and preserved food changed hans to keep the Soviet Navy at sea for 18 months !!.

The advert featured a submarine taking on mail and parcels at the dockside from a DHL wagon and then setting out to sea. Cutting to the crew compartment a civillian crew are seen operating the ship

Stills from the advert

But the crew are assailed by a number of unknown surface attackers, they manouver the ship and win through to their destination, this is when we at last see the submarine......and its Yellow, further it's marked in DHL colours!  " DHL for when it has to arrive SAFE and SECURE "

In an effort to save money K344 was not slated to be imediatly repainted and so at the start of the 91 disaster had to put to sea in the by now shabby DHL livery, she was never seen again and is belived to have fallen to US aircraft on the second day of the conflict.

Not part of the thread but aren't russian submarine toilets bad

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This is the first ship i have ever done, its an Allanger 1/350 kit of an Akula, don't know how accurate it is and i did change some of the periscopes etc.

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I've posted her twice, here and in my Empires Twighlight thread
Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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And the crew sang "we all live in a yellow submarine" !! Can't wait for the Beatles remake of the film!! :party:


Hope they avoid BOTH :o :banghead: :blink: russian submarine toilets & Mexican food.
(That would make a horrible remake of the K-19:widowmaker movie :o)
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Didn't they install a paddling pool in the typhoon?

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The Royal Navy could do with one of these, theirs keep running aground!