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Started by ysi_maniac, October 08, 2010, 06:29:24 AM

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Thanks for the link here, I had missed this one! :thumbsup:
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Yep that is absolutely beautiful. Great job :wub: :thumbsup: :bow:
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So after some emails with mr YSI_maniac, my friend (Bombcat) and i are building a digital model of the YF-115 for YS Flight.  Bombcat's working on the mesh, I'm working on flight data.

YSI invited us to post some pics, and as ysi himself used reader input to build the model, we thought to do the same.  Among issues we are running into is the fact that niether 1/144 scale, nor our stock of digital models is perfect, each is an approximation of the real thing.

originally we scaled the f-111 body by 0.5 as this made my math wrangling the easiest and was a perfect nominal scale conversion

Bombcat was not pleased with this and instead changed the scale ratio to 0.55, thankfully i started using a spreadsheet for my calcs aftee the 3rd major snag

Current status as of posting.  As you can see, no cockpit interior just yet

Thoughts, gents?


Will die without understanding this world.


yeah it's coming together nicely.  It's turning into qute the little lawn dart

Bomb has extended the nose to approximate the plug that you put in, And the plan is to straddle the difference between internal and external gun with a gun blister

At 12000+ pounds it should be quite the rocket ship.  if we proceed with the rb199's.  Turbomeca Adour 108 is also being considered... with far less thrust, which makes my inner mad scientist less gleeful

Also in consideration is a 2 seat LIFT version

Update:  after a bitof math the rb199's are 2 inches too thick to fit...  Adours 108 to the rescue.  My mad scientist weeps



Some work has been done on the undercarriage, including langind gear, a gun blister, and a temporary drop tank for test fitting.

As soon as Bombcat sends me updated pics of the undercarriage I'll post them.  Or he coudl post them if he coudl be arsed since he has an account here too.  Simple afterburner plumes have been worked on, but those will have to wait to be shown off when it's ready to fly.

EDIT:  Silhouette cockpit installed, to keep file size down, the cockpit as seen from outside is modelled as flat black low detail.  Below you can see the test fit of the drop tank, the gun blister and the cockpit.  From the inside a dashboard will be visible to the pilot.

EDIT the second:  Got some pics of the YF-115A in the sim.  Still things being ironed out still no collision file so we can't take it out and dogfight it yet, but its ready for flying about for the sake of flying about.
Scale comparison next to a Viper Zero

Next to our carrier wing's F-111B.  Its a little piglet!

In Hellenic airforce paint.

Sitting next to an F-20A.  They both really are very small jets.


New work on the project, in the form of a new paint scheme, a fact sheet, and a loadout chart to accompany it.


Looks good, like your color scheme and basic layout. This is a category of lightweight fighters that can replace older wares like the Mig-21 and F-5 or earlier Mirages.
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Over at the YS Flight forum i help moderate we are running a design competition... i might try posting something similar up here, or the resulting designs.  Maybe try to get a reverse of this build, from digital to styrene.

Technically the Chart should say AIM-7 or BVR but it's not yet possible to hand;e Sparrows in our admittedly limited simulator software.

Of course after giving the thread a look over it looks like I've unintentionally appropriated YSI's thread for my own extension of his project.  This is not the intent, none of this would have happened without him.


You are an artist! :bow:
Love the brochure! ;)
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That is the highest compliment i can think of.

Are you working on any other builds, or would anyone else be interested in seeing thier kitbashes built?


I wish I could 3d well. It make my modding easier...

Good work


I can only claim credit for the paint scheme and the game data.  Bombcat did most of the hard work building the model.  i took care of the gear bays and all but yeah.  Bomb made the initial digital bash happen


New update to the sim software, still in debugging, has allowed me some new tweaks to the model without having to affect every other model i have installed.... The AIM-120 models have been swapped with a primative AIM-7 until a better one can be found. and the Drop tanks have been replaced with F-5 style tanks, to better suit its light fighter style.

Image of new configuration on the IGF Competition Demonstrator as taken from a chase plane.

Demonstrator returning to base after her maiden flight.

And another of her taxiing back to the ramp, to be prepared for her ferry flight out to Edwards