Daryl Greenamayer's Shockwave

Started by amsci99, October 07, 2010, 07:21:24 AM

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I am looking for more information, particularly a three view or concept drawing of the Shockwave as so far I am able to find on the web is a photo of it in a half completed state.


I can't even find a concept drawing.  The only photo I've seen is the one you attached, and there's scant data on the airplane itself.  The outer wing panels are from a Sea Fury, and the tail is from an F-86.  Powerplant was supposed to be either an R-3350 or R-4360.
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When you said "Shockwave" I didn't know about the aircraft just the Jet truck of the same name
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You might have better success if you spell his name this way --- Darryl Greenamyer

I found loads of stuff about him and a picture of a model of his new project.
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A flying model of the Shockwave has been built at 1:9 scale, even though the full size one has not been completed. I suppose it is a What-If, then.

Model Airplane News has the article and the plan https://www.modelairplanenews.com/shockwave/

The PDF article has a small version of the balsa plan that might work for inspiration.

The rcgroups forums has a couple of "build" threads:
One by the designer, with a happy ending: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2085377-Scale-Build-off-3-45-50-D-G-Shockwave
And one that ends in a couple of unsuccessful attempts to launch the model: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2814139-Building-the-Shockwave-mrittinger-s-design


Looks like Somebody has acquired the Shockwave project and is working on it. There is a FB group. There isn't much more information yet, though, even WHO has it  - except that the engine is supposed to be an R4360. Very secretive  ;)

Somebody mentioned that it was at least originally designed to be Fly by Wire! Mainly to cut down on stick forces. Not sure how feasible that is.


Old artist's impression:

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