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Its early 1979 and BAe/MBB/Aeritalia propose through Panavia,to build a Future European Combat Aircraft(FECA)as a follow on to the Tornado.
The design offered is based upon the best features of the BAe P-110 and the MBB TKF-90.
Both CASA of Spain and Dassault of France are invited to join the consortium of which CASA accepts but Dassault declines and goes its own way with the ACX design(Rafale).
A full scale mock up of the FECA is shown at the 1980 Farnborough Show and the design is now renamed European Fighter Aircraft(EFA).On the last day of Farnborough the  government's of Germant,Italy,Spain and the UK announce the go head for full scale development and intent to purchase.
Left to"get on with the job"the consortium proceed rapidly and the first aircraft,DA1 is flown from Warton on July5th 1990 powered by 2xRB199-14 engines.
Ah if only it had been that simple!
Here I present DA1 as shown at Farnborough 90 with a full air-air weapons fit.


Nice, especially the so pleasant twin-tail... :wub:
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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This I like.  A lot.  I might almost think of doing this to one of the ones I've got in the stash.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Now that is nice. I am definitely going to have to do something like it as I now have 3 Eurofighter style kits in the stash. A new generation Revell kit, the Airfix kit from the Then and Now set and an early Revell EFA.

What kit is the basis for your Eurofighter? The wings must have taken a good deal of work.

That is definitely the newest definition of  :mellow:

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I used the old Revell Eurofighter JF90 kit which I picked up at Kemble Air Day for £6. The new wing panels were from a couple of F5 wings I had in the spares dept and the tailfins are Jaguar outer wings! Altogether a real mix of bits! :rolleyes:


Very convincing when you consider the various designs that inspired the build, the design vogues of the period, etc.  Well done!   ;D ;D
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Hi there

There I go again! I bought a couple of 1/44 revell Typhoons for the tail fins and then stopped in my tracks puzzling over the outer wings.

Jaguar outer wings as fins. Where's the slap on the head smiley when you need it? I have a couple of Airfix F5s in the stash. I also have a less than pristine Jaguar that could and perhaps should make the sacrifice.

I was thinking of using one of the Typhoons to make the AF2000 Barracuda from Spinners thread. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for sharing.



EDIT: That particular aircraft is on page 18.
If I am targetted by JMNs, I'm in good Company.

No, no, no! You do not die for your country, you make the other one die!


That is an extremely slick design :wub:
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You have elaborated a very realistic design and the kit is done very well, a perfectly clean work.
Great Work.


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Absolutely superb!  :wub: :thumbsup:

I think I'll try a 2 finned approach on one of my next Eurofighter builds.


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