Royal newfoundland Constabulary Naval Air Service Sculpin F.1

Started by Alvis 3.14159, September 09, 2010, 09:35:52 AM

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Alvis 3.14159

In a drastic change for me, I wound up making this plane without my usual overly convoluted and/or detail backstory, such as how would newfoundland ever afford an Air Force, or who would make this plane in the first place? Instead, I just plugged away and wound up creating this ugly yet compelling plane, using a 1/144 Airfix Boeing Clipper fuselage, and a Lindberg 1/48 F-86D (Which is a real dog of a kit, BTW).
I figure it would be made by Canadair, with twin 30mm Adens and likely a Nene inside. More pics to follow...

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For some reason I really like this  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:  probably because of the Saro SR.1 I have in the stash
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Ed S

Brilliant idea.  Excellent work.  And the roundels are clever.

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I took it by mistake for an aircraft that is on page 174 of BSP Jet fighters since 1950, the Saunders-Roe P.122.

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Jeffry Fontaine

Definitely nice work on bashing those two kits together.  Have you come done from the high induced by the putty fumes yet?
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Love the imagination and execution!
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Alvis 3.14159

Quote from: Jeffry Fontaine on September 09, 2010, 05:17:31 PM
Definitely nice work on bashing those two kits together.  Have you come done from the high induced by the putty fumes yet?

Oddly, I don't seem to notice the effects of Tamiya putty or Tamiya spraypaints. By the way, the "Official" Newfoundland Sculpin F.1 colour scheme designations are as follows: Fog bank Grey, Great Banks Grey, and Growler Blue.

The twin 30mm Adens would be effective guns, but the low stance in the water would preclude hanging any sort of bombs or missiles under the wings for surface attck missions. I suppose they would have gone with over-wing mounted rocket pods.

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In a break with the usual alignment of the roundels, I went with the Australian method of wing roundels, ie: oriented to the front of the vehicle. "Squid Jigging" is a method of fishing for squid that is immortalised in a folk song "Squid Jiggin' run", so I thought that it would make a good name for a squadron. Note the squid nose art to go with it.

I used many stencil decals from a Revell Germany F-86, the roundels, nose art etc were from my trusty Lexmark cheapola inkjet printer, using Testors decal paper. The paints themselves are Tamiya spraycan colours, USAF Light Grey, RAF Dark Sea grey, and Medium grey. Yes, I'm too lazy to drag out the airbrush! The seat is most of an Aeroclub seat of some type. I don't know, as the package got lost years ago.

Alvis Pi

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Love it, a sort of evolved SR.1  :thumbsup:

Had to go back and look at the roundels  ;D Very similar to the republic of Cleethorpes, except they have a pile of chips alongside the cod  :unsure:
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