pirate MiG-3 high altitude interceptor

Started by DaFROG, September 01, 2010, 06:43:31 AM

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Gyar, said i be a joinin' this 'ere GB i did an' cap'n blackbeard frog is a man o' 'is word so 'e be.
His spell checker on the other hand does not like piratical talk and he may have to resort to the kings english in order to rapidly produce coherent and readable posts.

Here be my intended victim:

PW was kind enough to furnish me with a hobby boss easy kit MiG-3.
It lives up to the reviews i had read online prior to it's arrival. It's the first time i've ever encountered one of these and i have to say on the whole i'm impressed the only issue i could find is the cockpit and although i understand it has been simplified  for it's intended market i think a slight modification of the fuselage and wing parts would have allowed the pilot somewhere to put his legs without introducing any more parts of increasing building difficulty. That said the solid wings and fuselage are pretty cool as there's no possibility of misaligning or need to glue thin trailing edges that can case problems.

It's almost too easy to build so i will have to complicate things for myself  by adding some detail to the cockpit and  modifying for high altitude operation (eyes high altitude spitfire wingtips). Why would pirates need to operate at high altitudes?
well to start with pirates should have lots of altitude or is it attitude? anyway if airtravel is expensive it follows that those travelling by air are probably well off, it therefore follows that if you hold them to ransom (along with their expensive aircraft) there are profits to be made.
However if an airline has aircraft that fly higher or faster than the pirates they can charge a premium for this added safety, however the people paying the premium will be even more well off and the aircraft even more expensive so it stands to reason that any self respecting pirate wishing to maximise his profits would do all in his power to increase his aircrafts speed or altitude to catch these aircraft.



Arr, it be sound'n fine!!!!

Captain Greg, The Beardless One
All hail the God of Frustration!!!


Thar she blows.

I have an instrument panel and rudder pedals from the glue bomb P40 and a control column from the tempest to spice up the cockpit.

Hopefully the bubble jet decal film i have ordered gets here in soon.

Gyarr an' me beard concurs wi' me parrot


yarrr I be primerin' ye olde high altitude mig 3e

also I be keepin' me feet warm

gyarrrr be bein' afraid be bein' very afraid


Quote from: DaFROG link=topic=29596.msg452056#msg452056 date=1284039677
also I be keepin' me feet warm

gyarrrr be bein' afraid be bein' very afraid

Them thar pussie kats on yer foots, them be yer flag Capn DaFROG? Ye be flyin' them culers on yer aeriplane be ye? In wot manner o' thinkin' be two pussie kats puttin' the scardey into me bones then cap'n? I be thinkin' that thar be more to this 'un than ye lets on. An the rooskian aeriplane be foine handlin' craft at high places I be hearin'. Arr, noice primer too me thinks  ;D
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Quote from: DaFROG on September 09, 2010, 06:41:17 AM
also I be keepin' me feet warm

gyarrrr be bein' afraid be bein' very afraid
awww... :wub: errm... yarr!!!



A vast what?

I dunno, but 'tis vast so it be

bodged together cockpit

i told you to be afraid didn't i?




Arrrhhh  :o Arr, arr an agin arr  :o Yon pussie kats be turned piratical be they, arr that there be a touch 'o special Capn DaFROG  :thumbsup: I be likin the thort of that there 'allo kittie turnin to " 'allo an ave a bit o ruskian lead " yar  :cheers:
Going to be finished in 2021 BEFORE I start any da*!#d new ones - CF-IDS Wolverine; Douglas Mawson; Bubba Wants a Fishin' Rig; NA F-100

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Gyarrrrr custom decals stike thier colours an' run up a white flag afore cap'n blackbeard (now with more than a few gray hairs due to being away from home for 6 weeks straight) frog.

Actually the colours stayed firmly where they were printed and the only white was the decal film which conformed very nicely with a little Mr mark softer.

It's a bit hard to make out but the inscription is supposed to read (according to google translate at least) "hello kitty" but it looked kinda odd when i pasted it into photoshop, maybe id doesn't have a Cyrillic font.

Gyarr 'tis but a coat o' varnish an' some trifling fiddly bits away fro' completification



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Ahoy mateys
It be completed:

click ye 'pon t'ese 'ere thumbnail fer moar plundarrrr gyarrrrr.

Cap'n frog be mighty impressed so 'e be with the quality 'o this 'ere hobby boss kit 'cept for the lack of cockpit o' course

Gyarr me parrot wishes t' point out t' gory details o' t'is 'ere modification:
Them thar wing tips be plundarrrrr taken from an ICM 1/48 spitfire o' the spanish main. An the instrument panel be loot what were spirited away from under t' noses o' t' academy (1/72 P40 kit) wi' t' exception o' the control column which were liberated so it were from tempest most foul (1/72 heller, accordin' t' me beard, who be not t' most trust'y in dese 'ere matters). Gyarr i also be fittin' a turbochargarrrrrr from bit an' pieces
The under carriage and all graven surface detail were supplied by t' boss (of hobbies) so they were and 'though cap'n blackbeard (now with multi hued paint stains dues to efforts to finish this 'ere model) Frog bein' the lyin' cheatin' rum sodden b'stard 'at 'e is will claim it as 'is own it be mighty fine. It 'as t' be said that the fit o' t'is 'ere kit be good an even a drunken lubber wi' one eye and a blunt cutlass could defeat it.
EVen thar mutinous dog Mr. Super Clear UV Cut proved 'is worth so I be postponin' makin' 'im walk the plank an' settle for 50 lashes so i be.
Yarrrrr an me beard concurs gyarrr

it shoudl be pointed out so it should that the painting be a clevre ruse to 'ide t' inadaquacies o' cap'n blackbeard frog (basically i couldn't get decent streak free overage so i turned my own weakneses against me :wacko: )


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