A-71 Plunger 1/48th

Started by cthulhu77, August 30, 2010, 09:02:15 AM

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North Korean Airspace  1800 hours
    The R.I.O. , Orwell informed me that the Whippoorwhills had baked out the radar stations on the border of the sea. It seems that the F-23's based out of Alaska had been able to split most of the Chinese  forces in half.
   The Mig 1.44's had proven to be no match for the sleek 23, and we were given clearance to go on full burner up into the dark of the sky, streaking east at an easy Mach 6.  Up at this height, the entire horizon was visible, and the night was full of stars we normally couldn't see from Eglin.
"Weapons check", I called out to Orwell. I couldn't hear him typing commands into the computer due to the scream of the wind outside of us, but his voice over on the headset gave me confirmation, "All green".
I couldn't see the land below me, but that didn't matter. The internal gps system would tell me when it was time to thumb the button, and release the plungers. They wanted a nuke war? Well, they were going to get one.  They should never have sunk the U.S.S. Reagan with a tactical, no one had seen it coming, and thousands died. Payback time.
Since it was all digital to target, I told the rio to cue up the music. Might as well go in playing loud. No one could hear us at M/6.


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"This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."  :angry: :banghead:
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It's just Motorhead singing "Hellraiser"...you might be able to work your way around the laws...

Started with the sparse cockpit:


Started with a Testors SR-71, I see.  Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
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Lots of putty work on this one....


Is this Lemmy's build, Greg?


For a friend of his...just wait until you see the graphics !


I can't WAIT to see how this one plays out.   :thumbsup:
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Wings on...and more putty...if you like Motorhead, you are going to love this one !


Looking good so far, very curious to see whats next  :thumbsup:
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What's next?  A hell of a lot more sanding !!!

Jeffry Fontaine

You sir, are a glutton for punishment. 

The first couple of images of your WIP gave me the impression that you had reduced the overall length of the fuselage but now that I see this last image of your progress so far I see that there was no reduction in the length. 

What will you place in the sensor apertures?  Anything that glows to represent some advanced sensor?  Or will you just add a window and call it done? 
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Oh no...the A-71 is going to be a nuke platform...four missile bays, one open:

Jeffry Fontaine

Those are rather small bomb bays.  You must be modeling those new-fangled "condensed nukes"  :^)

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"Every day we hear about new studies 'revealing' what should have been obvious to sentient beings for generations; 'Research shows wolverines don't like to be teased" -- Jonah Goldberg