Newark air museum visit

Started by Martin H, August 29, 2010, 02:04:32 PM

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Martin H

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Huh, doesn't look like Jersey  :wacko:

Nice pics, still haven't seen a Viggen in the flesh yet.
Phil Peterson

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Great pics, you know I go to Waddington every year and pass Newark on the way. Note to self - next year stop.


Great pics!

Did you go in anything? Last year I went in a Vulcan and this year the Hastings


nice pics

been meaning to go there for years since its just down the road...........used to work with a guy whos a volunteer there.........he was going to let us get in the Shack but i never got round to going  :banghead:
.............hes a very naughty boy!
allergic to aircraft in grey!
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Quote from: philp on August 29, 2010, 05:09:47 PM
Huh, doesn't look like Jersey  :wacko:

Nope but we can guess the founders of the Jersey version came from  :thumbsup:
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Always fun to see pics from the other side of the pond, your museums have such a great variety of stuff we don't see much here. Thanks for sharing :)
Jeff G.
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