Critter Commandos and the Christmas Wars!

Started by Nick, August 23, 2010, 02:20:02 PM

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After a curious hint dropping by our member Dragon I just had to look into what these Critter Commandos' were. And I'm glad I did! ;D

Imagine the standard Games Workshop tabletop roleplaying game like Warhammer and Lords of the Rings. Now conisder that each team is an army of walking talking weapon wielding animals and you have Critter Commandos!


It gets better..... there is a force led by the Emperor Porcupine and Lord Duck Wader. There are the evil sounding Ratzis, the gun waving Gorillas, the Dogs and the Sharks.

And then they also do the incredible CHRISTMAS WARS range!
You have the Agents of Santa, fighting Gingerbread Men and the Christmas Sen-Trees. There are the Reindeer with weapons racks, evil Scrooge and the Snowmen (with markers for fallen ones!).


Great  ;D Back in the 60's a UK company did "Rennaisance" period annimal warriors. I know they had  a unit of fully armoured Donald Duck pikemen which looked suitably ferocious  :thumbsup:
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Very cool! I love Team Frog and the Critter Commandoes fit perfectly with their whole ethos of not taking things too seriously. Not quite as nuts as Sylvain Boudeele's Golgo Island project but still very off-beat and fun.
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I was afraid something like this would happen!
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