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Started by Geoff_B, April 26, 2004, 03:00:27 PM

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As i mentioned scratch building last week i thought i had better show you the latest project to get an idea of what i mean.

This is my latest project actually being built (plenty yet still to do !!! :o ).
This is the Hawker 1152 a VTOL capable carrier strike aircraft envisioned as a possible Buccaneer replacement in the early 60's. It uses a normal engine with deflected thrust for VTOL ops linked with four lift engines.

Still to tidy up the fuselage in places around the wing join then the flaps, slats, rudder and wing folds need to be scribed on. I'll need to detail the cockpit and create an undercarriage from the psares box.


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John Howling Mouse

Let me be the first to say "VERY cool!"

Keep us posted.  There is nothing as intriguing to me about models as a scratchbuilt piece in the works, working away at a tedious set of efforts that no one else but a fellow scratchbuilder would really understand ("It took you HOW long to scratchbuild those well wheels???") then that first coat of magical primer goes on and your various bits and pieces of sculpted media suddenly become a work of art.
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Cheers Barrie

Yeah, i tend not to detail my scratch build too much as i tend to like to get the basic shape correct first and there' not too much point super detailing U/C bays and cockpits if they will only get damged whilst going through the various cutting, filing, filling and sanding stages. I'll only show a  model if it gets to the point where it looks right, if it doesn't then it will fall into the scrap pile for parts salavage if i can't get the shape i want.

I'll do more shots when i get the U/C sorted out and the tail surfaces fitted, but maybe Tsrjoe or Wooksta may encourage this to become a prototype for casting rather than a completed model. Probably not as popular as the FDIII or 583 so i doubt it. I'll have to do a shot next to an 1154 to show off the differences.


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Looking good, Geoff !

The donkey end look alot like the Crusader, eh ?

I like the 1154 better, tho.......

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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I can only admire your skills with wonder mate.

Keep up the great work

Decals my @r$e!


very cool Geoff.  Any thoughts on colour schemes?

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Another brilliant looking model.  You should get them included in any reprint of Tony Buttler's books.

One of the 1967 Meccano Magazines has an article about Hawkers in which it refers to a swing wing vstol equivalent of the Phantom on Sir S Camm's drawing boards.  This 1152 is another of the wannabe British Phantoms.  Except that it could presumably operate off "Hermes" and "Victorious".

Colour schemes:

Gloss white like a Buccaneer 1

Grey on top, white underneath like the mid 60s FAA

All over gloss grey as in 70s Phantoms and Bucs

The usual variants of Falklands and post-Falklands

The most glamorous period must be the 60s when aircraft had big squadron markings.

If you want Foreign versions the Bundesmarine is a good alternative.



QuoteI like the 1154 better, tho.......

Hi Todd

Actually the 1152 is a little larger than the 1154 Falcon and was perceived as a Strike aircraft to replace the Buccaneer, the 1154 was either a Naval fighter to replace Sea Vixen or Close Air Support aircraft to replace the Hunter (You should consider one in either resin when it get re-released by Heritage, or get the older Vacform for your RCN scenario).

Yeah it is a bit crusader ish as i looked at the gunfighter as a possible starting point especially as the 1152 has the tilting wing as well. however its much wider to incorporate the four lift engines and the thrust divert function on the main engine so it wasn't possible.

Currently considering doing a 2nd example alongside this one to allow Joe to cast it if they so wish as i think i can produce another one from the few parts i need.

Question is :- Whoose actually interested in one if it was clonned in resin ?


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Count me in for a start geoff.
I always hope for the best.
experience has taught me to expect the worst.

Size (of the stash) matters.

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ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!  I want one!


QuoteME! ME! ME! ME! ME! I want one!

LOL, so you like it now that you've seen it eh Lee ?, thought you woulkd somehow !!!. I'll see what i can do whilst the concept is fresh.


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QuoteHow about that Hawker tilt engine deelie? That would look really interesting in FAA colours. Or the X-wing? Or the P.1129?

And I know you've done the P96, so how about the earlier P.92 with the VG wings, although if I had some scale drawings I'd have a go myself, given that I have the necessary bits in the loft.

Hi Wooksta

Yeah looks alot better in model form than a drawings. I'll dig out the bits to get a 2nd one sorted whilst the concept is fresh and refine the build from the experience of building the first one.

P103 has been looked at but no suitable donner kits have been found as yet so it will be a true scratchbuild.

P92 try Joe or Tony Buttler to see if they can get them sorted for you, then see if you can do one.


Geoff B


QuoteQuestion is :- Whoose actually interested in one if it was clonned in resin ?
Regarding a "clone" in resin !!!

Are there any NEW's from the Farey Delta III in resin ?????

Deino   :rolleyes:  
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QuoteAre there any NEW's from the Farey Delta III in resin ?????

Soon !!! Dieno

Just waiting to meet up with Joe to see the first ones as some people are dying to see them !!! (eh Martin & Lee ?). The was rumours of fleeting glances at Perth but thats not been confirmed yet.


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QuoteHey, me and Geoff need ours first, and we sorted out the whole casting lark! The next on the list should be the BAC Type 583, and according to TSRJoe, the wings WILL swing. Nice!

SOON i hope to meet up with Joe in the next week or so   :unsure:

I'll get started on another 1152 then should I and put the P110 until then.

BTW Lee asked Joe about your P-92 and he'll sort the drawings out for you so you'll soon be able to start it !!! :D  :D  :D  (After the 150 pushed to the back of your pile whilst you go for an Indian or two :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: )