Dornier Do 217 JV1

Started by Flyboy69, August 18, 2010, 07:33:05 AM

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Ok guys here is a nother one. It isn't my best one but It looks wicked.
It's the 1/48 Revell Do 217 converted into a what if Nightfighter.
The outerwings came from a Costers Aero Enterprise set for the 217 K/M version.
They were not needed so I made good use of them. The extra props were from a old Do 335 (the pusher props) and the engines were spares from a Ju 88.
The model is seen as it was not yet finished. The last picture is the only one I have when it was finished and standing in Telford.

Cheers Arnold :cheers:

Finally out of the closet!!!!!!!

Doc Yo

 Nicely done! The Njg version of the 217 series is a long-time favorite, and this is an interesting
extrapolation. Dornier certainly had  experience with this format, via the Do 26 flying boat.


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Ed S

Well done.  An excellent exercise in the quest for more power and more speed.

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Martin H

If your attending Telford this year, make your self known at the SIG stand. You will be made very welcome by the gang. Feel free to bring a few models along if you wish :)
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Very well done, and very beautiful (and original); congratulations once more. In the nose appears a centimetric radar, isn´t it?. Very well done this innovation.



Stunning model--this is what Whiffing is all about.
Allan in Canberra

Ian the Kiwi Herder

Yes I remember that one, wanted to speak to the builder, but at the time you weren't around. Like OGL says, pitch-up at the SIG stand anytime, you'll be very welcome.

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Confuscious (maybe)


yes - niiiiccceee - I was going to do this configuration on a Ju88 - yours is a great inspiration
cheers Bernie


Thanxs guys.

I thought that I was a nutball with this one. I some times have the strangest thoughts in my head and then I have to build it. But after staying 10 years in the closet I finaly did come out. Hehehehehe

Martin/Ian, I will be atending in Telford. I will get to the what if stand there. I don't know if I will be taking some models with me for your stand. There will be a What if Model for the competition. It's In its fase to be getting some paint and it's again an English aeroplane like last year (that was the Whirlwind).

Cheers Arnold :cheers:

Finally out of the closet!!!!!!!


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 :o That's an impressive model.
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