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1:1 Airfix Spitfire/ BBC America

Started by Eddie M., August 02, 2010, 07:12:35 PM

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Eddie M.

James May's Toy Stories. It looks like it's going to be a pretty good show, but I'd better not see one seam visable when they're done. :D
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Was a good show.  I like how the kids get into it.
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I caught the Airfix show on the telly last night.... lots of good fun!!

Who says there's nothing good on the TV anymore???


I got the whole series on DVD at the weekend out of a charity shop for only £4.00!!!!!

I watched the series when it was shown, it is very good.  The kid all start off cynical, but they all get in each project.

The female student, building the Meccano bridge, in tears when it gets damaged sticks in my mind.
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He got to fly a real Spitfire.   :wub: :wub:

And he reintroduced people to the joys of playing with physical toys. What better job could there be?!
All right, his other show, Top Gear.
And Mythbusters.
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Martin H

They invited the kids from the show to Scale model world 09, We had a few pass thru the doors while Mossie and Gondor were on cash desk duty :) So with any luck IPMS Shropshire now has a few younger modellers in its ranks.
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