RAF F-16s

Started by Nick, April 24, 2004, 10:11:37 AM

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The F-16 entered RAF service in the late 1970's the same way as many other NATO countries chose it, it was cheap and could be license-built in the country. Of course, BAe just *had* to muck around with the engines etc... :P
(LS 1/144th scale kit)


After the Falklands War it was decided that a longer range version of the F-16 was needed for the long endurance patrols above the Soth Atlantic so the F-16XL was trialled from 1985 with great success. In the end all the RAF F-16 squadrons were equipped with the XL variant and BAe somehow managed to get the European contract for converting F-16 to XLs.
(Airfix 1/144th scale kit, note the dodgy undernose outline :o )


And the F-16XL from the other side.


Had an idea like that. In my scenario the RAF gets them as a Lightning replacement (to free up Lightnings to give the Red Arrows something with more oomph than the Gnat) by a government that actually spends money on defence. The RAF liked the viper so much that they got more and used them as mud movers in RAFG along with Jags and Tonkas. The RAF version natually enough is known as F-16K or Falcon FA.1 as the initial aircraft were known as proved both poular and unpopular the RAF pilots at the same time: Popular because it was great to fly and unpopular because all the real pilots (Phantom, Jaguar, Harrier pilots) looked down on people who could only fly some crappy little computer run toy plane. (only joking, any F-16 pilots out there.)
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Looking good, Nick !

And I see what you're saying about the XL nose...brutal ! Looks like a bird's beak, or Monty Burns' nose !

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Nice work Nick.

Now were can I find a 72nd scale XL thats affordable
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Reminds me of Mr Burns  ;)  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  
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If anyone can spot the minor flaw in the storyline (clue: check the pics) I'd be very happy if could either forget about it at once ;)  or give me a better story! :)

I think the only 1/72 F-16XL kits were made by Monogram but Kangnam and others did a 1/32 version. See Viper Pit for details of nearly every F-16 kit ever!

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I think the only 1/72 F-16XL kits were made by Monogram but Kangnam and others did a 1/32 version. See Viper Pit for details of nearly every F-16 kit ever!

Nick B)
I think Hasegawa did a 1/72 F16XL - I've got memories of the box art tucked into my brain cells somewhere.

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Hmmm... Interesting concept.  Looking good Nick    :f16:  
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