Extreme Blue Thunder Airshow pics

Started by philp, July 25, 2010, 11:07:19 PM

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Saturday my oldest and I drove 4 hours north to attend this show in Idaho Falls, ID.  The draw for me was the Blue Angels were performing.  While I have seen them back when they flew the Phantom and several times in the A-4, I had never seen their Hornet show in person.  The show was pretty good but some things they could improve on would be keeping the exhibits closer together (had to walk the entire runway to see everything), better loudspeaker system (you had to be in the right place or you couldn't hear anything.  Jeff did find them on the FM dial and we got to listen to the Blues show), and finally, a better system for the shuttle busses.  We parked at the University so we wouldn't have to deal with the parking but after a 2 hour wait for a bus to pick us up afterward, we finally decided to hoof it the 2.4 miles back (the traffic was ridiculous). Other than that, we had a good time.
Pics are Here and some highlights below.

Yep, Skyshark, and it was for sale.


Even had cars

and some military vehicles

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How much was the Skyshark going for ?
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Quote from: NARSES2 on July 26, 2010, 02:45:36 AM
How much was the Skyshark going for ?

Didn't find the owner so no idea.
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Shame you didn't get to see Fat Albert do the JATO take off, they stopped doing that after last year's Homecoming show in P'cola :(

Nice find on the Skyshark ;)
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I don't suppose the Skyshark is in a flyable shape, is it?  :banghead:
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Updated the photos with some larger images and, no, the Skyshark isn't flyable.
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