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Amiot Rayon D'Mort (Fin 9/09/10)

Started by Doc Yo, July 12, 2010, 12:51:52 PM

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Doc Yo

 ...and I probably spelled it wrong, but there you are, no ear for languages. Its just a question of what to
tackle. The old Arc en Ciel, or the Amiot? Or,...but no. That would be telling.


Et tu Brute!!...oh sorry....wrong language!!
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Doc Yo

 Couldn't prove it by me-sounds Canadian. ( and who are you calling a Brute, you meanie?!?)


"Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi?" or "Et tu, Brute?" :mellow:
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Doc Yo

 Sir! A gentleman does not discuss his quoque in public!

Perhaps something from the reign of Napoleon the XIVth...

Doc Yo

 Its the Amiot 143 for starters, with a bit more cannon, and jet engines. Pictures after the weekend.


Amiot 143 with jet engines! It will be AWESOME!
Best regards,
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Doc Yo

 Well, we'll see ( but thank-you! )

The basics

  The business end

The engines

...and a little preview of the start of my "Golden Age of Jet Aviation: 1919-1939" series. This one's
for the Basher...

DH 188 Fireball


Will die without understanding this world.

Doc Yo

 A little progress. After looking at the business end, I decided I could not, in good conscience, equip a
French aircraft with a German cannon. So I gave it a Death-Ray.

the whole thing

The nacelles were removed, blanked with some thin card ( from a "For Sale" sign ) and faired
smooth with Aves. I also removed the vast gondola, which gave the old girl much of her charm,
but I like the neew slimmer look. The engines are tacked in place with a bit of Silly Putty-I will
put them on short struts eventually.

A bit closer, a bit fuzzier...

Swear I'll get the hang of my camera one of these days. Think I need a pair of reading glasses to
look at the display screen.

Matthews Projector

Jet engines on this slab-winged siren would have probably been enough, but as long as I'm
whiffing, I might as well ponder what if Grindell Matthews had been a bit more of a genius, or the laws
of physics were a little different.

Anyway, there's our progress so far. paint this weekend. Alclad for the engines, ( Gnôme-Coanda Turbocompressor 32s ) and that wonder chocolate color described as Khaki. Turrets above and below
with Hotchkiss 25mm cannons. ( Modified Fujimi Flak 38s-the kit 7.5 mm machine guns are a little
too basic. )

EDIT: For those who may be unfamiliar with one of the great names in mad science-
Harry Grindell Matthews

and some images


That looks like a grown up Coanda plane. I love the death ray...and the T tail has been proven to increase an airplan's sexiness by (JHM would know - 100x, 10,000x?) and this being a French plane...

Maybe its adversary is using a Tesla Death Ray

Doc Yo

  Since its still a tail-dragger, I figured a T-tail would be a moderately sensible thing to do, and with that whopping
great gondola gone, I think the old girl has some nice lines. Since His Majesty's goveremnt declined Matthews's
efforts, the French had a roughly four year lead on the rest of Europe when they first fielded the projector.
Nicola's device, despite his statements to the contrary, did make it into a ( barely ) mobile system in the
states, although at a little over eight tonnes, it would be years more before it was borne aloft. It did look
good on the modified Christie chassis, though...( and It occurs to me that I've found a new use for fishing
bobbers and UM kits...thanks for the inspiration, Frank! )

Doc Yo

 C'est Fini. Daugeurre would wince at my photography, but there you are...


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Pondering my next entry...enjoy.