German Leopard recce tank

Started by Lazlo Woodbine, April 22, 2004, 10:12:56 AM

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Lazlo Woodbine


This is a model of a projected recce tank cancelled in 1943, it's a cut down revell Panther with a turret from a matchbox Puma and a lot of filler


PS Todd They're going to make it across the river in Dunston(Gateshead) at the Federation brewery
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Lazlo Woodbine

"Ladies and gentlemen, England will be playing four-four f&*$£*^g two"

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Nice Updates Lazlo

Now that real is an odd ball tank, makes sense to use existing components but what a strange looking vehicle. I suppose it will look more in place once painted and camoflaged.

Thor B)  


Nice piece of kitbashing.  Looks very Soviet circa 1970s-ish.
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Cool!  :wub:

While I am by no means an armour specialist I almost see a Hetzer influence happening here. Hetzer with a turret and a touch of respectable armour. Maybe it's the tiny size with the christie suspension. (am I thinking about the right tank?)

Looks like it might fit in one of those gliders the German Paras used.  
Getting back into modeling


Reminds me of a Dalek, Dunston eh!  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  
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Awwww ain' that the cutiest!  Wot a nice little tank!

Where's my A-10. :ph34r:

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All kidding aside, that is excellent Lazlo! B)  B)  B)
Wot paintjob?  Ambush would look sweet IMHO.



What an awsome little tankette. I love it!!>
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